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  1. UchihaLik

    immeasurable speed = infinite or exceeding infinite energy?

    I often see the statement that immeasurable speed = infinite or exceeding infinite energy, and the corresponding AP. Is this true and why?
  2. Hypertornado099

    Minor change to Incorporeality

    This is kinda nitpicky, but the Incorporeality page is wrong about energy. Energy is not non-physical. If it was, it would be metaphysical and physicists around the world would be studying something spiritual. Energy would be intangible (not immaterial which is also spiritual) I think this is...
  3. ProfessorKukui4Life

    Big Bang Questions & Clarifications

    The title. Making this because I’ve been absent from the site for quite some time and this is new to me. So it came to my attention recently that we treat Big Bangs as “non-physical” events since the Big Bang pretty much is just expanding space-time upon creation of whatever is getting created...
  4. CNBA3

    Planets with GBE capacity limit?

    I was wondering, I know that Gravitational Binding Energy is what keeps a planet together, but I was wondering, can there be areas where energy can be held that radiates with GBE capacity of greater and not harm the planet or will it harm it still?
  5. Energy needed for destroy a celestial spherical object

    I have been doing calculations (integrals and derivates) and i found a formula in order to get the Energy needed to disgregate gravitionally a spherical celestial body, it is accurated to calculations on wikipedia and other physics' pages cause the calculation gives the same number as is...
  6. How to calc splitting?

    What would you use to fine the energy to split something and how would you do it?
  7. Fallen_Angelicx

    How much is this

    How much tons are these values? 8.399335667342528e+39 and 1.944759346585970908e+34
  8. CNBA3

    Temperature/Voltage needed for Nuclear Fusion from Electrical Charge?

    I was wondering, for those who know these kind of things, what is the temperature needed to achieve nuclear fusion with electrical fields? This is based on the item called Fusor. And by proxy, what would the voltage be for such a process? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fusor Otherwise, would...
  9. CNBA3

    Restoring a Broken Object without Time or Causality manipulation?

    Just to clarify, this is not based on any fictional media and just a thought experiment. What kind of power or concept would involve restoring an broken brittled object back to it’s initial state before it’s damage without involving time reversal nor causal reversal, nor using any adhesive...
  10. Flashlight237

    Watt-Hours Usage

    Something crossed my mind recently. So, watt-hours is a unit of energy rather than a unit of power like the watt (which is a joule per second). Thing is, well, I dunno how the watt-hour should be handled. So, here's the article on the unit for reference...
  11. Aseka

    Energy beings

    Does beings that composed of energy, can get inorganic physiology?
  12. How much energy does it take to move the stars

    The character i am dealing with aligned all the stars on a clear night sky as an attack in less than 25 seconds casually into a specific pattern . How much would it takes to do this?
  13. SupahCabre

    What is the Strength & Energy needed to pull earth & moon from gravitational pull?

    As we know, certain characters like Superman can pull masses as heavy as earth, and even move the moon around (to create nighttime or eclipse) despite it being gravitationally pulled. How do we calculate those feats? Are they greater or worse than simply lifting the masses?
  14. Anime_Facts

    A question about calculations

    Hello, I have some questions about converting energy units. Is it possible to convert units like watt or newtons to joules? I have seen some explanations of how these units relate to each other, but I couldn't understand how to do a conversion from one to another or if it is possible. By the...
  15. 1000TonsofFun

    How do you calculate fracturing energy?

    Trying to figure out how much more energy is needed to fracture a material like granite as opposed to fragmenting it