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zombie (minecraft)

  1. Perequeliri993

    Common enemy from forgotten Spin off vs Common enemy from the best selling game (Crabaple vs Zombie) (FNAF World vs Minecraft)

    Speed is Equalized there are 2 Crabapples and 3 Zombies The Zombies are in their second key The Zombies are normal ones, and have only 1 wooden shovel each Speed is equalized SBA otherwise "The Zombies are co- oh, wait, wrong franchise": Scales to this: 0.3051 tons of tnt "What am I supposed...
  2. TheMassivlyUnkn0wn

    (R1M5) - Giyu Tomioka vs Zombie (Minecraft)

    Check out the hub for info! Come one come all to The Super Cool 8-B Tournament! In our fifth match of round 1: we have a matchup!!! so awesome. The Latest Water Hashira, Giyu Tomioka! And the Undead Swordsman, Zombie! Rules are stated in the tournament hub. So you can read those if you need a...
  3. koopa3144

    Goomba vs Zombie (Minecraft) (0-7-0) (Concluded)

    This is peak. Fight takes place in a minecraft forest Both are 8-C Speed is equalized SBA for anything else Goomba: 0 2.997.660.199,2036843 joules/ 0.71 Tons of TNT Zombie: 7 0.31 Tons of TNT They both walk fall off a cliff: 0
  4. GyroNutz

    Minecraft Lifting Strength Update

    So I've done this calculation which has been recently accepted. This would scale Steve to At least Class K lifting strength using Obsidian instead of Gold Blocks. I've laid out the logic in the calc blog (pistons can push 12 Gold Blocks at a time, but cannot budge Obsidian). And I suggest that...
  5. Starter_Pack

    Minecraft Low 7-C Downgrade

    I refuse to let this stand. I'm not one to spark verse-wide revisions on the fly, but I am not allowing this verse to be wanked more than it is already. The one thing I want settled is this: Remove Low 7-C from the fodder of the verse. It makes sense for the boss characters to scale up from TNT...
  6. Coolboy6

    Outriders vs Zombies (Minecraft) monsters that are more dangerous as an army (0-0-0)

    Both 8-C, speed equalized Outrider: Zombie:
  7. Robot972

    Minecraft Dungeons Verse Additions

    I mean, sooner or later I would have to post this. I have a couple profiles on my sandbox for the player and a couple bosses Mob Ability Additions All mobs can fight Vex Undead have short memories and quickly forget commands Enderman: (Perception Manipulation (static)) Enderman and Evoker]]...
  8. EnnardTrap1987

    Minecraft hostile mobs downgrades

    You may be wondering, "Ennard..Why do a content revision during lockdown?" Well, I wanted to prepare for when lockdown is lifted. But i want to throw this revision thread in so that we can apply them on once its lifted, IF they are approved. But anyway, Minecraft Mobs downgrade.. Now, I think...
  9. EnnardTrap1987

    Just wondering..

    Does anyone know why Minecraft mobs like Zombies are Building level? I don't see how they're capable of destroying buildings, knowing that Zombies are only seen shattering doors.. Anyone have a source to where the 8-C comes from? (Then again, its possibly due to harming The Player)
  10. EnnardTrap1987

    Minecraft Zombie VS Ice Climbers (Battle for the second weakest 8-C)

    Both 8-C Speed equalised Both at their base key Minecraft Zombie: 0 Ice Climbers: 4 Inconclusive: 0
  11. Buttersamuri

    Hug Me Minecraft Zombie!

    Cause Mindless brainless fights. Zombie is in his Best Equipment Key Huggable is in its WTF Huggable Key (Aka, It's strongest) Speed is equal That's all. Who wins and why? Zombie from Roblox: Pink bear from Carebears: Inconclusive/Draw:
  12. Walker21232123

    Main game Minecraft mobs add-on.

    Splash Potio =All Mobs Potion of Regenerationn Is Healing. Potion of Invisibility Is Invisibility I will add more
  13. Kriskirby

    Blocks vs Zombies

    Crazy Dave travels through time and space and ends up in Minecraft and gives Steve some seed packets for home defense in return for taco ingredients. Nighttime falls and a single peashooter is planted on Steve's lawn, when a zombie creeps from the darkness towards his home. He goes inside to...
  14. Christian_Higdon

    MC Zombie vs PvZ Zombie

    Speed Equal. Both are 8-C. Husk Zombie vs Buckethead Zombie. Battle is in neutral territory, night-time. Both are in-character. Win via KO, incap or death. Who wins? Zombie (Minecraft): 0 Browncoat Zombie: 8 Inconclusive: 0
  15. Walker21232123

    Zombie vs zombie

    Minecraft zombie only allow to use hands in the battle.iorn Amour is allow and no gold or higher. Not a baby zombie Time is 4:00 am The speed are = Zombie (Minecraft): Zombie (The Walking Dead): Tie
  16. Davidliteral

    It's confirmed they're smart but not smart enough as Steve

    they can tell distinguish animal and their food. they can tell what's happening on their body. it's possible they can distinguish items and they can learn how to use them. Intelligence: Unknown (they still possess some degree of battle smarts, they're able to distinguish animal, items, and...
  17. Jinsye

    Minecraft Mob Battle Royale

    Why not? Contestants are.... Zombie (Minecraft) Skeleton (Minecraft) Spider (Minecraft) Slime (Minecraft) (Large) Wither Skeleto Zombie Pigma Wolf (Minecraft) Guardian (Minecraft) (Normal) Llama (Minecraft) Blaze Polar Bear (Minecraft) Witch (Minecraft) Who wins?
  18. Saikou_The_Lewd_King

    Minecraft "Fodder" upgrades

    Currently, our profiles mostly forbid scaling to the Player and the two bosses, on the basis that this is game mechanics. Indeed we consistently excuse players in games being hurt by basic enemies as such, due to how it would make little sense lore-wise for a fodder character to be even remotely...
  19. EmbalmerMaster9000

    Possible ability for Steve (and almost every other mob) + keys for various mobs

    Steve (Minecraft) can interact (As in hit) mobs such as Vexes with swords/their fists. Vexes are ghost-like entities that are - according to the wiki - capable of floating through blocks without being affected by them. This means that Steve (Along with several other mobs due to them being able...