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I mean, sooner or later I would have to post this. I have a couple profiles on my sandbox for the player and a couple bosses

Mob Ability Additions
Illager Equipment Additions
  • A few robe items reference Evokers/Illagers in the descriptions, so it's likely that Evokers have access to all of them (Witches likely apply to this as well, but there's not really a connection to be made past Witches dropping certain robes)
    • Ember Robe: Fire Manipulation (Burns nearby enemies), -25% Artifact Cooldown, Statistics Amplification and Aura (+15% movement speed)
    • Evocation Robe: -25% Artifact Cooldown, Statistics Amplification and Aura (+15% movement speed)
    • Soul Robe: Soul Absorption (Gathers an extra soul for every soul absorbed), +50% Artifact damage
    • Souldancer Robe: 30% chance to negate hits, Soul Absorption (Gathers an extra soul for every soul absorbed), +50% Artifact damage
    • Battle Robe: -25% Artifact Cooldown
    • Splendid Robe: +50% Artifact damage, Resurrection (The Guidebook states that the Splendid Robe grants a chance to revive upon death, despite this ability not appearing in game)
  • Illagers are explicitly stated as having access to the Soul Healers and the Lightning Rod, and it's likely they have access to other soul-based artifacts as well Soul Absorption
    • Soul Healer: Healing
    • Lightning Rod: Electricity Manipulation (Stated in Guidebook to have been crafted by Geomancers)
    • Corrupted Beacon: Energy Projection
    • Harvester: Explosion Manipulation
  • Other gear related to Illagers
    • Heartstealer: Health Absorption (3%) ("Gifted to one of the Arch-Illager's most distinguished generals upon their conquest of the Squid Coast")
    • Jailor's Scythe: Soul Absorption, Chain Manipulation (Binds and chains enemies) ("belonged to the terror of Highblock Keep, the Jailor")
    • Maulers: Martial Arts ("wielded by ancient Illager soldiers")
    • Soul Knife: Soul Absorption (Empowered using Illager evocation)
    • Stormlander: Electricity Manipulation (30% to summon lightning) ("is a treasure of the Illagers")
    • Truthseeker: Reactive Power Level (Increased damage to wounded mobs), Soul Absorption) ("The warden of Highblock Keep")
    • Auto Crossbow: (Designed by Arch-Illager)
    • Soul Crossbow: ("crafted by the mysterious Evokers and Enchanters of the Woodland Mansions")
    • The Slicer: Piercing shots ("The peak of mischievous Illager-engineering")
    • Enchanter's Tome (It's just the tome used by the Enchanters)
Other Additions
New Keys/Tabbers
Minecraft Earth Additions
Just adding this in quickly since I'm revising Minecraft
  • Skeletal Wolf's howl increases the stats of nearby skeletal creatures
  • Vile Witch Key: Lingering Potions, Invisibility Potion, Immune to Poison and damaging potions

Are Vexes Souls?
Quick note, the Soul Bow's description is "The Soul Bow shimmers with all the beauty and fury of an attacking Vex."

I doubt it's enough to support the claim, but thought I would bring it up.
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I'm not knowledgeable enough on Minecraft to agree or disagree with these, so I'll wait for others, but they look OK.


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I would add a key to characters for Minecraft: Dungeons. Many might feel dour about adding content to represent their base game appearances.

Other than that, I can confirm that all of this is correct. Perhaps for the Illager stuff, an Illager Empire civilization could be made?
That would make sense. Though that would require the Minecraft Tier revisions to be finished before that can be decided.
Okay, so it's agreed that these should be added as a new key?

I'm working on getting the Howling Peaks DLC completed as well as the Chills and Thrills so I can add those as well.

Anything else?