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yuichi sakaki

  1. Tetsuya1029

    Yuichi Sakai Profile Revision

    I made a dedicated respect thread for Yuichi Sakai since I saw there wasn't really a good one out there. Feel free to post this link on his profile or to search it for relevant feats to update his profile with.
  2. Tetsuya1029

    Yuichi Sakaki vs Mori Jin

    Prime Yuichi versus Prime Mori Jin Assume SBA

    Neechan revision

    Neechan Revision Well, I did promise about making revision about Neechan so let’s go!! This is mostly about worldview holder and some addition of abilities. This also may affected some characters in ID. Some of these already been accepted in previous old thread but I will mention it again in...
  4. Tetsuya1029

    Yuichi Sakaki (Neechan wa Chuunibyou) vs Mori Jin (The God of Highschool)

    Standard Battle assumptions
  5. TauanVictor

    Arale Norimaki VS Yuichi Sakaki

    Arale Norimaki VS Yuichi Sakaki Fight Location: Asakusa Kannon Starting Distance: 10m Both in-character Equalized speed Dr. Slump Arale with access to his Optional Equipment Arale: 2 (@Ss3micah, @Orange) Yuichi: Inconclusive: 1 (@Confluctor)
  6. Alsotime

    Medaka Kurokami vs Yuichi Sakaki

    Yuichi Sakaki vs Medaka Kurokami Yuichi is in his 9b key Medaka is in her 8b key The end is restricted The fight takes place in an abandoned school library ,and they start 50 ft apart Speed Equalized Who wins?
  7. PhantomØ4

    Nee-Chan Chuunibyou revisions

    Well, this goes for view holders in general but the way worldviews work which is already in the profiles is that the user changes the "base" upon which the world is viewed. There isn't further info on it in the series itself that matters but Instant death expanded the cosmology by introducing...
  8. Sir_Ovens

    SCP-3143 vs Yuichi Sakaki

    This may actually be interesting. Murphy "The Law" Lawden vs Guardian of the Human-Centric World We Currently Live In Speed equalized. Win via SBA.
  9. YungManzi

    Fujitakaverse Creation

    There are statements in Instant Death which confirm that Instant Death and Neechan wa Chuunibyou (Both written by the same author; Tsuyoshi Fujitaka) take place not only in the same multiverse, but confirms that their respective main characters lived not far away from one another for an extended...
  10. ChaosAyase~

    Tamaki vs Yuichi

    Hinoemata Tamaki vs Yuichi Sakaki SBA Speed Equalized. I don't know much about Yuichi's power, but I found this interesting ...
  11. DontTalkDT

    Battle for the 2nd strongest 9-B non-smurf (Yuichi Sakaki vs Jord)

    Yuichi Sakaki vs Jord Speed Equal Concept Manipulation vs Plot Manipulation. Who takes this?
  12. YungManzi

    Yuichi Sakaki Vs. Aoi Hayanose

    Aoi Hayanose Vs. Yuichi Sakaki Speed is Equal.
  13. Celestial_Pegasus

    Yuichi Sakaki vs Darth Nihilus

    Speed is equalized Who wins? Yuichi Sakaki: Darth Nihilus: Inconclusive:
  14. Phoenix821

    Yuichi Sakaki VS SCP-2786

    Battle for 9-B I hope this is fair Yuichi Sakaki : SCP-2786 : 5 (Celestial Pegasus, Sir Ovens, Veloxt1r0kore, OuterversalRaditz, Eclar)
  15. Monarch_Laciel

    Gerald Tarrant VS Yuichi Sakaki

    Battle for the strongest 9-B with speed equal Can a wall of hax beat "my worldview makes me invincible"? The Hunter The Last One Standing Speed equalised of course
  16. Yuichi vs Cestis

    Speed Equalized 9-B Versions Yuichi Sakaki: Cestis:
  17. Peter1129

    Yuichi vs Hexus

    Battle for strongest 9-B Yuichi vs Original Power Hexus Speed Equalized
  18. Celestial_Pegasus

    Yuichi Sakaki vs Kiritsugu Emiya

    Both 9-B, and speed is equalized Who wins? Yuichi Sakaki: Kiritsugu Emiya: Inconclusive: 3