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ymir fritz

  1. Mamaroza

    Adding ability for Eren Yeager and Ymir Fritz

    Eren Yeager Ymir Fritz
  2. ArachDusa

    Founder Eren's Tier

    A rather simple observation: Eren was given Ymir Fritz's physical power, which is listed in the Wiki at 8-A. If the statement is too ambiguous for scaling him, we know for sure that his Founding Titan is larger than Rod Reiss, who is also listed at possibly 8-A (and is the reason Ymir is that...
  3. SheevShezarrine

    A College Football Star Fights A Little Girl

    Senator Armstrong vs Armin Arlert Ymir Fritz Both High 7-C Speed equalized Bloodlusted Fight starts at 1km
  4. Cyberblader90

    Attack on Titan downgrade

    This is specifically for these pages: Armin Arlert | VS Battles Wiki | Fandom Eren Yeager | VS Battles Wiki | Fandom Karl Fritz | VS Battles Wiki | Fandom Ymir Fritz | VS Battles Wiki | Fandom To start, Karl erroneously is stated to have created 500,000 thousand titans causally. they are made...
  5. TheUnoriginalUsername

    Attack on Titan profile updates

    With the recent chapters, we got to see Ymir herself, some of the mechanics behind the Coordinate and the Attack Titan's true ability, so there should be new additions. Zeke In chapter 115, Zeke was able to revive himself through one of his Titans. Zeke is dying One of his Titans places...
  6. Litentric_Teon

    Strongest High 7-C, Part 4

    High 7-C forms. Speed is equalized. Battle takes place at a random racetrack with no one else around. Starting distance is 15 meters. Who wins!? Ymir Fritz (Submitted by WeeklyBattles): 0 Johnny Bravo (Submitted by Arrogant Schmuck): 0
  7. Abscoolguy

    Meliodas VS Ymir Fritz

    Low 7-B forms Speed Equalised melodias: 1 ymir: 2
  8. Hyper_Anon

    Guts vs Eren Yaeger

    vs Both are 9-A Speed Equalized Titan Eren