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yammy llargo

  1. Myxenete

    A little bit of Bleach talk

    Toshiro only has passive Temperature manipulation despite the fact it comes from his reiatsu and if you need any further evidence the Honey Dish Rhapsody just blatantly shows us that he can do it consciously Grimmjow, Nelliel and Harribel have unjustifiable scaling, Harribel blatantly puts HM...
  2. Seventy96

    Question about Ulquiorra

    How strong is segunda etapa compared to espada 3,2,1 and 0?
  3. KingKenjo

    What if Yammy's Speed wasn't Unknown?

    So, I know we don't scale base Yammy's Speed to the Privaron Espada for some reason, but how drastically would the Speed meta change if we did? Because iirc Bala has a 20x Speed multiplier. I don't remember if Urahara has any feats reacting to Balas, but Ichigo definitely does have one.
  4. KingKenjo

    Espada Power Ranking

    I've been trying to work out which Espadas are stronger than which for a while now, and it's been a real pain. Obviously the major stuff I know (the ones where tier gaps exist are kinda no-brainers), but things like scaling Segunda Etapa in comparison to the top 3 kinda make things a little...
  5. MrForever810

    Neliel the Goat vs. Yammy the Bull

    The battle takes place in the fake Kanukara Town (whatever it is called). Both combatants are only at 7-A tier, which means they are in Base Form, more or less. Who would win and why? Oh and Nel doesn't have a time limit on how long she stays in Adult Form.
  6. Sderrick95

    Yammy vs Sasuke

    Yammy the #10 Espada takes on Sasuke from the Five Kage Summit. Which of the two wins? Yammy cannot use his resurrección. Sasuke cannot use his Susano'o or Mangekyo Sharingan. Sasuke is able to see Yammy. The fight takes place at the Mishima Dojo from Tekken.
  7. Seventy96

    Garou vs Yammy Llargo

    Garou Yammy Location: Las Noches Human Garou Base or Resurrección Yammy (i'm not sure which version is better in this match up) Speed equalized In character Location: Las Noches
  8. Jiangshi1

    Hazel vs Yammy, Anger is Power

    Angry Hansel vs Angry Ghost Nappa Location set just outside a mountain range with a starting distance of 10 meters Battle lasts until KO, Surrender, or Death (likelest scenario anyway) No prior prep time, both are in-character but willing to kill Both start in their 7-B forms, assuming Hazel...