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witch hunter

  1. Arkenis

    Magical Marksman vs The Unfair Gunslinger

    Tasha Godspell (Post Training) vs Billy Alfred (Rag Arc) SBA Ap diff - 5x
  2. Arkenis

    Magic Marksman vs Fatui Harbinger

    Tasha Escape From Britain vs Tartaglia Fontaine Chapter Ap diff: 1.91x Restricting their 6-C transformation Equal Speed SBA Tash: Peppersalt43, Arkenis Tar: Satella, Nameless_Eiyuu
  3. Arkenis

    Tasha vs Naruto

    Tasha Godspell Post Training (8.68 Gigatons) Pre War Sage Mode Naruto (4.3 Gigatons) Equal Speed SBA Location: NYC
  4. Arkenis

    WH vs TOG - Aria vs Koon

    Aria vs Koon SBA Train City Arc Koon Past Aria Equal Speed Location: London Aria: 86.88KT Koon: 68.2KT, 136.4kt with Redan
  5. Arkenis

    Symbol of Fear vs The Pure White Witch

    Okay so I did a little gloss over of Shigaraki, lets hope this is fair for both. VS SBA Location Seoul Both have prior knowledge on Decay and Battle Field Shigaraki: 8.36TT Edea: > 1.04TT
  6. Arkenis

    WH - Mana Update

    Slight addition to mana users in WH. here is a sandbox for the new additions.
  7. Arkenis

    Witch Hunter - Ap Scaling

    This will be going over the ap scaling and use of multipliers within the series. I am making this to get the scaling out the way so it won't be done later and can be referenced later on. Every calc mentioned here can also be found on the Witch Hunter page Note: I’ll be using the letters DE to...
  8. Tasha Godspell: Upgradde.

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Crazystarf/Calc_Request:_Destruction_of_mountains_(Witch_Hunter) This places Tasha at around High 7-A, or Large Mountain Level. Considering there was fire after the mountain was obliterated, it should be correct to say the mountain was pulverized to...