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  1. Flashlight237

    Animal Crossing Revisions

    So yeah, the last CRT for Animal Crossing went nowhere. https://vsbattles.com/threads/animal-crossing-crt.147205/ Since that one died, it's best I pick up where it left off. So I calc'd the ability to destroy cliffs in Animal Crossing New Horizons...
  2. Psychomaster35

    Goku encounters a genocidal killager

    It had to happen, folks. The Villager had finally snapped and began a killing spree. However, he wanted to go fight whoever was the strongest, and thus he prepares himself to meet his ultimate match: Goku! Speed is equalized, Villager is bloodlusted+week of preparation. Both start 10 meters...
  3. Tots_Real

    Isabelle and Villager Revision

    Shouldn't they have Probability Manipulation via Lucky Items
  4. CrackerVolley

    Animal Crossing Discussions #1 - After the New Horizons Direct

    It's probably the best time to start one of these. Come share your thoughts about New Horizons or one of the older games: hopes, wishes, memes, and all the rest.
  5. BigSmoke4269

    Hurr VS Hax

  6. CCMac27

    AC Isabelle Profile

    Would it be ok to make a profile for Isabelle as she appears in Animal Crossing? I'd make her comparable to the Villager. If so, I'd wonder if she should be added as a new key to this profile, or maybe just one individual profile for her AC and Smash versions? Let me know your thoughts
  7. Bobsican

    Killager Vs. Freddy Fazbear

    Freddy confused Villager with Balloon Boy and wants to give Chica some pizza! Both at tier 9, speed not equalized. The metalic possessed bear The president of some tow (Squeak noises) Gwahahahahaha!
  8. Bobsican

    Villager Vs. Balloon Boy

    I´m glad thsi hasn´t been done before. Both at tier 9, speed not equalized. The kid with the balloons The president of some tow (Squeak noises) Hyahahaha!
  9. One_Stick_Man

    Villager VS Mii (Wii Sports)

    9-B SBA use Villager: 8 (Saikou The Lewd King, Jackythejack, GreyFang82, CCMac27, ChosenOrDeath, Jawsome274, Starter Pack,Bobsica) Mii: 0
  10. CCMac27

    Villager shouldn't have Transmutation

    On the Villager's profile, he has Transmutation because he can "turn furniture into leaves". This is strictly a game mechanic and is not an ability he has. If we took every Nintendo game mechanic as a canon ability, this Mii would be massively hypersonic.
  11. Jackythejack

    An Old Man Fights the Kids These Days: Mario from 1993 vs. The Villager

    I saw Villager was 9-B, so I wanted to put him into a fight, so he's fighting Mario. Speed is equalized and the fight takes place in the forest.
  12. Torlikoff

    Upgrade Animal Crossing to High 2-A

    As discussed in DBH's upgrade to High 2-A, you can see other Nintendo games and play them on an NES in animal crossing, literally making them fiction. This clearly constitutes an upgrade so I can get a fifth dimensional Tom Nook.