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upgrade (ben 10)

  1. Ghengiroo115

    Ben 10: Low 5-B downgrade/reinterpretation

    Hi y’all, so currently the Ben 10 verse has “possibly Low 5-B” for the main cast (as well as “possibly 5-B” for characters with large enough multipliers), however after mulling it over the past couple months I personally have a couple issues with this. The Low 5-B feat in question is the...
  2. JustANormalLemon

    Ben 10 omnitrix aliens tournament Big Chill vs Upgrade (GRACE)

    Story: This is the second round of the interdimensional Ben 10 tournament, both ben's now find then selfs in the plumbers headquarters, one as Upgrade, the other as Big Chill, fight!!! UPGRADE vs BIG CHILL Rules: Fight takes place at Plumbers Headquarters Speed is NOT equalized Non ultimate...
  3. JustANormalLemon

    Ben 10 omnitrix aliens tournament Upgrade vs Gravattack (stomp...)

    Story: This is the second round of the interdimensional Ben 10 tournament, both ben's now find then selfs in Undertown, one as Upgrade, the other as Gravattack, fight!!! BIG CHILL vs CHROMASTONE Rules: Fight takes place at Undertown, Pakmar store Speed is NOT equalized Non ultimate High 8-C...
  4. JustANormalLemon

    Ben 10 omnitrix aliens tournament Ghostfreak vs Upgrade(stomp)

    Story: Ben woke up inside a completely closed room, with only a pain in his head as a clue as to how he ended up there, before he could say anything a voice from outside the room began to speak. "Hello, hello, Ben Tennyson, savior of the universe, I'm here to welcome you. Sorry about your head...
  5. Anaconda999

    Ben 10 Upgrade(The transformation) Upgrade

    So, I just watched OTTO Motives, and there was a scene where OTTO, the big bad of the episode, builds a robot body out of cars. He gets into a fight with Ben, who turns into Eatle. Eatle is 5-A, for battling Lucubra Vilgax, who fought the blade of Ascalon. Ascalon is confirmed to destroy...
  6. CrackNet

    Ben 10 Reboot Pages?

    So I think the Ben 10 reboot should get profiles, i already found the calcs and scaling, somebody just needs to make the profiles OK so essentially Hex does a small city lvl feat with the Titan Gauntels, those are a 100× multiplier so his base scales to town lvl and that would scale to...
  7. Landon_Avery

    Rotom vs Upgrade

    Rotom vs Upgrade Rules: Fight ends in KO or death Both are 7-A Speed =ized Location: The Death Star
  8. Blademan9999

    MAJOR Scion Upgrade

    Major upgrade to Scio from here. "Once they are reformed, they leech all of the heat and energy from countless worlds and concentrate it in a single reality. The energy boils the oceans of silt-choked waters, disintegrates the landmasses. Their bodies form into a large, complex shape, with...
  9. Bobsican

    Magnemite is Against an Upgrade

    Both at 8-A, speed equalized. The living magnet: 0 The technological alie: 9 (ColdDragonmania, Schnee One, Jimboydejuan12, 19hmun, Zark2099, AnonymousBlank, KieranH10, EmperorDoom25, GyroNutz) Magnemite gets an upgrade: 0 Magnemite! Oh...
  10. RotofBots

    LoL 2-A Upgrade

    Pretty straightforward upgrade In Taric's story there is a quote that proves infinite timelines: As he approached the summit, Taric was challenged by a seemingly neverending myriad of conflicting realities, each warped existence offering a new, horrifying vision. Taric experienced the...
  11. GyroNutz

    Minor One-Punch Man additions

    Abilities from here: Crabrante: Enhanced Senses (his eyes have a wide field of view) Mosquito Girl: Animal Manipulation (Controls all mosquitos in 50km), Body Control (Can shorten or extend her horn) Kabuto: Resistance to Heat Manipulation (His carapace allows him to resist heat) Melzalgald...
  12. The_Calaca

    One Piece Upgrade

    I stole the joke i know. Monkey D. Luffy vs Upgrade Dressrosa Luffy (7-A) vs Ultimate Alien and Omniverse Upgrade (At least 7-A) Gear 4th is restricted and so will be 2nd and 3rd and technological merging if it's unbalanced. Speed obviously equalized. Starting distance: 20 meters. Fight...
  13. Guilherme_Marquardt

    Master Roshi and Kid Goku, Piccolo Daimaoh upgrade!

    Eu gostaria que você corrigisse a camada de flautim daimaoh, kid goku e master roshi para 5-C de acordo com a seguinte imagem ...
  14. GyroNutz

    Ultron vs Upgrade

    Ultron vs Upgrade, speed is equalized Who wins and why? Ultron: 1 Upgrade: Inconclusive:
  15. SquiTwo

    Jibanyan to Small Building and MHS. Jibanyan S to City

    I believe Jib's should be upgraded to Small Building. He was contested the might of a truck for a few seconds and constantly endures speeding trucks launching him past clouds. He even has a feat where an Alternate Form of Jibanyan, Jetnyan, who is essentially Jibanyan with a Jet Hat, can punch...
  16. Ricsi-viragosi

    merging with stuff to fight, upgrade vs geist

    speed equal