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todd ingram

  1. AParticularInduvidial

    Scott Pilgrim tier revision

    Hello all. This is my second CRT here, and today is yet another series with little attention, Scott Pilgrim (You can thank the anime trailer dropping recently for reminding me of the existence of this series). To keep it simple, why are we scaling Scott Pilgrim and co to a calculation done by...
  2. Lonkitt

    Guy from the best CW show vs A Vegan (GRACE)

    Smallville Superman vs Comic Todd Ingram. Clark is obviously in his 6-A form. Speed equalized. Who wins and why? Superman: 8 (PapiSavitar5025, Legion350, Ionliosite, Planck69, RicardoSama, Spilxson2, MaidRips, Deidalius) Todd Ingram: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  3. GojiBoyForever

    Todd Ingram vs Oudo Miyakonojou

    After reading Scott Pilgrim I noticed similarities between these two. However I don't think the match would work Regularly so it's being put here. Both are 6-A+ Todd has 6-A+ Dura Unknown Shiranui Arc Oudo Music since the sound cloud one is claimed: https://youtu.be/S5vGwr8h-FE...
  4. CBtheDB

    Why isn't Todd's big moon feat considered an outlier? (Possible Scott Pilgrim downgrade?)

    It only happened once, there hasn't so far been any feats or scaling in that verse that comes close to it, and its bearing on the plot itself could mean this feat can be chalked up to PIS. So... why isn't Todd's big feat an outlier??
  5. ThePerpetual

    Scott Pilgrim Speed Revision Thing

    Fairly drastic, but also fairly simple- It was agreed here a while back that this calculatio would scale to both Todd Ingram's (and by extent, Scott Pilgrim/the rest of the cast's that scales) speed, both in combat/reacions and in travel speed. Yet, everyone but Todd himself's speed currently...
  6. DMUA

    Bit of a problem with Scott Pilgrim

    So, everyone in Scott Pilgrim is Continental for being Comparible to Todd. Except.... They really, really, aren't comparable to Todd. Let's take a good look at our old friend, the Powerscaling page, right on Nonexamples of Viable Powerscaling. Character A is City level, and Character B...
  7. Master_Xar

    Todd Ingram vs. Tornado of Terror Tatsumaki

    Battle of the Telekinetic badasses Ultimate Vegan vs. S Class Badass Fully Bloodlusted