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timmy's mom

  1. Psychomaster35

    The Fairly OddParents: A New Wish To Fix Some Problems

    No, this doesn't include anything from the reboots despite the title If I'm being honest here, I do not like how the stats for the series is handled. The way the stats are currently handled in terms of physicals is how (Base) Timmy has a variable rating from 10-C to 8-B, and yet nobody scales...
  2. Psychomaster35

    Galactimus, Mighty Mom, and Dyno Dad scaling (The Fairly OddParents)

    DISCLAIMER: Yes this was brought up before, albeit the thread quickly died out last year. So Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad are currently placed at 8-B for punching Galactimus to an island, however, Galactimus himself is “likely 5-B” via stating he could eat the Earth like a meatball (but this may...
  3. LuciusIsMas

    Regenerationn feat how high is the Regenerationn?

    At 1:32 https://youtube.com/watch?v=mKU3lS_llQQ the turners drive into a volcano but get burned by a dragon then fall into the lava. What Regenerationn
  4. Eficiente

    Small The Fairly OddParents! upgrade

    https://streamable.com/uzl2v In the ep Scary Godparents, Timmy wishes for all halloween costumes to become real. Later, and very briefly, uses a mask of The Crimson Chi to hit Pumpkinator with his chin. This would be a demonstration of Crimson Chin being 5-B and an outlier. Except that Mighty...
  5. DontTalkDT

    There's a Your Mom joke in here somewhere - Timmy's Mom vs Isaac's Mom

    Timmy's Mom vs Isaac's Mom 9-A Forms. No temporary powers for Timmy's Mom, No Red Champion Form for Isaac's Mom.
  6. Eficiente

    The Fairly OddParents! Revisions

    Dyno Dad & Mighty Mom They were able to throw Galactimus, who was considerably larger than the buildings around him, to a relatively distant island with a combined punch. I'm pretty sure this can be calc'd above City Block level. Also just to be sure, would this speed feat be inferior than the...
  7. CursedGentleman

    Timmy's Mom VS Spider-Man MCU

    Both at 9-A Speed Equalized Timmy's Mom powers: Everything she planted would quickly die, Quickly gave life to the plants, Resurrected the animals that were buried in her garden as undead, Everything she predicted would happe, Stealth Mastery (She was a double agent of USA for Russia at the...