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the road runner

  1. Tonygameman

    Looney Tunes Ability Revisions (Part 2)

    I almost forgot to add other abilities in the previous thread, so here they are if you guys agree with them. Bugs Bunny Resistance to Disintegratio Elmer Fudd Likely returned from this (Possibly higher Regenerationn type than Mid?) Homing Attack Empathic Manipulation Possible Duplication...
  2. KingEzran

    Mirio Togata vs The Road Runner

    Let's get into the details of this versus thread. -Speed Equalized -Both in Character -Location: Open field -Range: 2.5 meters -Win via death Votes: Mirio: 0 Road Runner: 0
  3. Tonygameman

    Looney Tunes Ability Revisions

    After discussing with Antvasima about Looney Tunes, I thought about sharing more abilities to add for Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner. Daffy Duck Vehicular Mastery and Spaceflight (Used a spaceship in the Duck Dodgers cartoon) Mind Manipulation (Has magical...
  4. Christian_Higdon

    Ed chases a Roadrunner

    Speed Equal. Both are 8-C. Battle is in the desert. Win via KO or death. Who wins? Roadrunner: 0 Ed Boye: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  5. Apatheticskell

    Who can beat this team 8-C 3.0??

    This going to be my last who can beat this team 8-C I PROMISE. in my previous thread I decided go easy and found multiple characters that would easily beat the guys now I have an expanded roster(I have not taken any characters from the people) All characters bloodlusted No higher tiers or...
  6. Apatheticskell

    Who can beat this team 8-C (version 2.0)

    Who can beat this team 8-C. Speed un-equalized. Only category 8-C people or lower. No higher tier keys Sans Spider-Man_(Insomniac_Games) Gunvolt The_Road_Runner Monster_Kid_(Undertale) Battle takes place in new york city. All Blood Lusted
  7. Sans2345

    Sans vs The Road Runner

    -Both 8-C -Speed is equel -Regenerationn is not allowed on this one -Probability manipulation is not allowed -Battle takes place in the judgement hall Sans: 1 (Apatheticskell) The Road Runner: 0 () Inconclusive: 0 ()
  8. Arrogant_Schmuck

    Ruby Rose vs The Road Runner

    I know there's the chance this is a haxstomp for the latter, but hax in Looney Tunes tend to work in unconventional ways, so I'm hoping that's the case here. I really want this to be fair Ruby Rose (Pre-Timeskip) vs The Road Runner Win via KO, incapacitation, or death. SPEED EQUALIZED
  9. Bowser-us

    A question about Taz's tier

    what tier should it have?
  10. Eldi_Osmenaj

    Looney Tunes secondary characters revision

    Wile.E Coyote He has a ton of abilities with his arsenal and a few one time abilities on his own like minor plot manipulation,water manipulation,duplication,flight,teleportation,invisibility,immortality type 2,telekinesis,earth manipulation,speed amplification,transmutation,magneism,size...
  11. Legion350

    Road Runner's Speed

    I noticed that the Roadrunner has Massively Hypsersonic+ speed on his page, and Wile Coyote is scaled to it. However, there is no justification for it.