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the hero of oakvale

  1. Stefano4444

    Hero VS Hero of Oakvale

    Hero: 0 () Hero of Oakvale: 0 () Inconclusive: 0 () Speed Equalized.
  2. DivineTedrius

    A farmboy fights a prisoner

    The Hero of Oakvale vs The Dovahkii at High 6-A, speed equalized. Let's settle the old Fable/TES rivalry with a battle. Albion: 2 Tamriel: 5 Incon: 0
  3. KarmodF

    The Hero of Oakvale (And partially Fable) revision.

    Most of the Fable series' profile are in a really bad state, Its a shame because It has potential to become really powerful verse. So first of all the Oakvale Hero: Summary The Hero of Oakvale was an ordinary farmboy born in the rural town of Oakvale to Scarlet Robe, a retired Hero, and an...
  4. KarmodF

    Regigigas vs The Hero of Oakvale

    Wanting to do something Xbox vs Nintendo related, and this is the closest I find. The Brave Hero of Oakvale vs The Legendary creator of the Trio of Regis. Speed Equalized. Takes Place in an abandoned (Indestructible) Large Island. The Hero of Oakvale: 3 (Reppuzan, Theglassman12...
  5. Seventy96

    Dante vs The Hero of Oakvale

    High 6-A Random encaunter In character The Hero has Aeons sword Speed equalized Dante The Hero of Oakvale
  6. Seventy96

    The Hero of Oakvale vs The Hunter (Monster Hunter)

    The Hero of Oakvale The Hunter The Hero of Oakvale has all spells, Sword of Aeons, Archon's Battle Armour and Bow of Skorm. The Hunter has all spells and the best weapons and armour from the newest Monster Hunter (I don't know beacuse i never played Monster Hunter) Location: The Arena in...
  7. Numbersguy

    The Hero of Oakvale vs Grima

    Can the the first hero from Fable defeat the strongest dragon in Fire Emblem? Grima The Hero of Oakvale The Jack Slayer Grima is in character. The Hero of Oakvale is in character, he has the Sword of Aeons. Speed is equalized. They fight on a random continent.