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the gentle pull

  1. ShockingPsychic

    About the Gentle Pull (Mario Bros.)

    I've never really done a proper CRT before, and have hardly used the new forums, so sorry if I make any mistakes. The Gentle Pull doesn't exist. Plain and simple. It's entire existence is based on a single paragraph of dialog from Rosalina. Let's take a look. "I am Rosalina... I watch over...
  2. Dino_Ranger_Black

    Major CRT for the SMB franchise

    Hello, everyone. DRB here. First, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and I hope you all enjoyed your holiday. Now then, I like to make a major revision. I haven't really been active on the franchise this year tbh but it's due to the fact I was more focus on another franchise at the time...
  3. Ted_Ed

    Paper Mario vs The Gentle Pull

    2-B forms speed equal Who wins?
  4. Genericstickman

    A Gentle Pull Downgrade

    I was originally going to have this with a CRT about Rosalina and Bowser but eh why not separate it ok where does the supreme being thing even come from? I get where it being above Rosalina comes from since it's implied that TGP is above Rosalina but her regarding it as the supreme being...
  5. Bruhtelho

    The Gentle Pull VS The Anomaly (Undertale) (Gods of Time)

    Both at 2-B Speed is = Both are bloodlusted Vague and Ambiguous Entity:0 Space-Time Anomaly:0 Inconclusive:0 There is a force that binds us, defying even time and space. Not even the laws of the universe can stop it. I knew its gentle pull would prevail. Sans talking about The Player
  6. Stalker_Maggot

    The Gentle Pull vs Axolotl

    The Gentle Pull vs Axolotl Both are low 2-C Speed = Both are bloodlusted
  7. The_Smashor

    The OTHER only remaining fair Mario vs Sonic fight

    So there's actually one more fair Mario vs Sonic fight other than the other one I made. And it's ACTUALLY a battle of gods. Also, this basically decides the entire Sonicverse vs Marioverse debate because in verse fights only the god tiers matter. No pressure. Rules: Speed Equalized (Because...
  8. Yoshifan996

    Is The Gentle Pull/the force the Higher Authority Geno Mentions in Mario RPG?

    Is The Gentle Pull/the force the Higher Authority Geno Mentions in Mario RPG?
  9. Mickey1940

    Gentle Pull vs Asriel Dreemur

    Hopefully not a stomp God of Hyperdeath Asriel vs Gentle Pull Speed equal
  10. The_Smashor

    Two supreme beings fight over control of the Marioverse

    Alternate title: The Marioverse itself is angry at Nuts and Bolts The Gentle Pull vs Lord of Games. When I saw the Lord of Game's profile say that it's implied he created the Marioverse, I knew I had to do this. Plot: The Lord of Games decides to try and turn New Super Mario Brothers 3 into a...
  11. Genericstickman

    Illumina vs The Gentle Pull

    2-B versions used Speed Equalised
  12. Metal875

    The Gentle Pull /=/ A Character

    Alright guys, buckle up. We're in for one hell of a ride. I'm here to reveal some issues with considering The Gentle Pull a legitimate being. The Lack of Info First of all the problems with this "character," we lack info on it. Please note that its description was extremely vague. But, from...
  13. Adamjensen2030

    Illumina vs The Gentle Pull

    Round 1: Location: Earth Bloodlust: O Victory Conditions: Death Speed equalized Round 2: Location: Earth Bloodlust: O Victory Conditions: Death Speed not equalized Who wins and why?
  14. Adamjensen2030

    Possible Gentle Pull and Source Of All Upgrade

    Source Of All is "At least, High 2-A" for being superior to High 2-A Enerjak and other Sonic characters and for also being responsible for their fates and their existence. That's why Gentle Pull should be upgraded to "At least 2-C, possibly 2-B" for being superior to Dreamy Bowser, Super...
  15. NotAMarioFan(lol)

    The Gentle Pull: Acausality

    Shouldn't TGP have '''Acausality''' since its defying time and space or withstand the action or effect of time and space? Correct me if i'm wrong.
  16. Adamjensen2030

    Game Solaris vs The Gentle Pull

    Who would win and why?
  17. The_real_cal_howard

    Gentle Pull Upgrade?

    Just noticed that we have a profile for it. Hmm. But anyway, since it's called the supreme being of the Mario verse (Its profile states that it's a supreme deity according to Rosalina), shouldn't it be above Super Dimentio? What do you guys think? For the record, here's the profile