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the arisen

  1. FanSyst

    New abilities to The Senescal: Mind and Soul Manipulation

    This is the thirteenth page in the Monument of Remembrance. This is the twelfth page in the Monument of Remembrance. This was after Grette's defeat to The Seneschal
  2. StarSlayer666

    Divayth Fyr VS The Arisen

    Divayth Fyr VS The Arise Both at Low 2-C
  3. Keeweed

    Alduin's dogma: Alduin vs the Arisen

    I remember years ago seeing something about the Arisen vs the Dragonborn and thinking the Arisen stomps, but since the Arisen got downgraded and TES went through massive revisions... (Dragonborn is spammed to much that's why I'm using Alduin). Speed equalized for obvious reasons and low 2-C...
  4. SSBXeno573

    Finding a match for SCP-2117: SCP-2117 vs The Arisen

    Speed equalized Low 2-C verdions SCP-2117: The Arise:
  5. Jmanghan

    Cthulhu vs Composite Seneschal Arisen

    As the title says. If Cthulhu loses, replace him with Azathoth.
  6. Elizhaa

    Dragon's Dogma's CRT

    Adding missing abilities and Resistances For: The Arise Power Nullification (With Silence and Skill Stifling) Necromancy (with Necromancy) Statistics Amplification and Statistics Reduction (Can buff/debuff stats) Levitatio Extrasensory Perception (Can perceive invisible and/or ghostly...
  7. PaChi2

    The Arisen vs Acnologia

    High 6-B for both. Acnologia The Arise and his Pawn SBA Speed equal
  8. PaChi2

    Tarmiel vs The Arisen

    Tarmiel vs The Arise and a Pawn. SBA Speed equal
  9. PaChi2

    The Arisen vs Madara

    The Arise and a Pawn vs High 6-A Madara Uchiha SBA Speed equal Fully equiped Arisen and Pawn.
  10. Jmanghan

    The Arisen (Seneschal) vs Zeno

    Who would win between the Arisen from Dragon's Dogma, or Zeno from Dragon Ball Super?
  11. PaChi2

    Ghirahim vs The Arisen

    Ghirahim vs The Arise SBA. Speed equalized. 6-A Base Ghirahim vs At least High 6-B Arisen + Pawn. Pawn allowed if necessary who wins?
  12. PaChi2

    Beerus vs The Arisen

    Because this is fun.. SBA. Speed equalized yada yada. Type 8 immortality disabled, btw. Low 2-C Arisen (aka Seneschal arisen) He can use his Pawn if needed The Arise and Beerus what
  13. PaChi2

    Robin (Fire Emblem) vs The Arisen

    Both High 6-B. Im glad I can have an Arisen battle once in a while (I love dragon's dogma). Robin (Fire Emblem) and The Arise Speed equalized. No Pawn. They fight in a forest. Starting distance 10 metres. Win by any means The Arisen's resurrection is not allowed, btw, anything else, goes.
  14. PaChi2

    Noctis vs The Arisen

    Two games I love. Two heroes I love. Final Fantasy XV vs Dragon's Dogma!! King of Light Noctis vs Everfall Arisen who has mastered all the skills Both are High 6-A, btw. Speed equalized. The fight takes place in the Cornelia Kingdom. Go!! It's time to Du-u-u-el!!! Prince of Lucis, I...
  15. The_Wright_Way

    Bill Cipher vs The Arisen

    Speed equalized. Both at Low 2-c. Oh wow, another kid coming to stop my plans! How hilarious! How about I add your family to this throne? vs.
  16. Jmanghan

    The Arisen vs Sephiroth

    Battle takes place on a Barren dirt Planet. Round 1: Mystic Knight Arisen vs FFVII Sephiroth Round 2: Composite Arisen (All Classes are interchangeable) vs AC Sephiroth Both versions of the Arisen are post-Daimon, but pre-Seneschal. Who wins?
  17. Jmanghan

    The Arisen (Dragon's Dogma) vs Guts (Berserk)

    Battle takes place in a LARGE open field. Round 1: The Arisen can only use Mystic Knight class and has access to all Mystic Knight skills, Guts is in his Black Swordsman armor. Round 2: The Arisen is composite and can switch between all classes on the fly, with access to all skills from every...
  18. PaChi2

    Link vs The Arisen

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/The_Arise https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Link_(Twilight_Princess) A battle of Heroes! For fairness sake, both are supposed to be 5-C (since The Arisen goes up to 5-B, well, Im restricting his maximum possible potential). Midna is present in this fight...
  19. SilentKing13

    Lavos Time Devourer vs The Arisen

    A battle between to powerful characters with a multitude of abilities This is The Arisen at the height of his power. Lavos will be in its Time Devourer form.
  20. PaChi2

    The Arisen vs Lucemon

    Hello. Well, talking with ThePerpetual about good matchups for The Arisen, this is what came up: The Arisen (Seneschal) vs Lucemon (Low 2-C Satan Mode) Standard battle assumptions. Speed equalized. Win by death or KO. The universe they are in is indestructible. No BFR. The Arise...
  21. ThePerpetual

    Some Dragon's Dogma revisions

    I made a minor error in my last adjustments of the profiles of Daimon and Grigori. Given the pocket dimension that the past dragon created only contains a few visible galaxies, and Multi-Galaxy level is at least 644 x the energy to destroy/create a single galaxy, it seems appropriate to change...
  22. Jjp7123

    The Arisen Vs. The Champion of Cyrodiil

    Both at full power. Who wins and why?
  23. ThePerpetual

    Dragon's Dogma revisions?

    I explain it in detail here, but the basics are as follows: A Full-Power Arisen is "At least 2-A" with "Immeasurable" speed for completely ending the Eternal Cycle, an existence sustaining concept that exists through every timelne that ever was, is, or will be, then willing every world to move...
  24. ThePerpetual

    The Arisen vs The Undertale-verse

    Hailing from a world where sheer force of will is what makes one strong enough to rise up from the common people and be capable of defeating the supreme deity of the world itself. Going most of the entire game without a heart, then proceeding to few things can claim to have willpower of the...
  25. ThePerpetual

    The Dovah'kin vs The Arisen

    Simple: who would win? Start 50 feet away from each other in a random forest clearing, each get standard gear, Grigori/Everfall-Era Arisen. Curious to hear your thoughts...