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sleep manipulation

  1. Flashlight237

    Total Drama CRT: These Haxless Mofos Actually Have a Resistance!

    Okay, so there's actually a resistance to hax that exists in Total Drama. In Total Drama Island's third episode, the contestants would bear witness to Chef Hatchet perform the Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy: This dance directly used Sleep Manipulation against the contestants. Everyone awake who...
  2. Why does Frisk have sleep manipulation as a power?

    When I was looking through Frisk’s profile I noticed that it had sleep manipulation, through their ability to make Knight Knight go to sleep. I May be extremely new here but isn’t this a massive leap of logic? Wouldn’t it make more sense to just assume Knight Knight can very easily fall asleep...
  3. Gewsbumpz_dude

    I'm bored and looking for a way to distract myself, so here is another Slappy CRT

    I'm not at all in the jokey mood right now so I'm gonna cut the bullshit and get right to the chase before I lose my motivation to do anything again. More Scaling Ok so, as established in other CRTs, Slappy scales above the Horrorland Horrors, also meaning that he scales to Dr. Maniac as...
  4. Jackof_noTrades068

    Is this immunity or just resistance

    Ok so a dude “graduated from falling asleep” (Yes I’m serious) So I wanna know if his explanation warrants immunity to sleep manipulation or if it’s just resistance.
  5. Delta333

    Hax question

    1.Do we decide the potency of sleep hax via the amount of people that it can affect(same as mind hax)? 2.If an abstact existence=dream can exist even when the creator of said dream is dead,does that mean the existence of that dream being equivalent to concept type 2?since it can exist...
  6. Garchomp777

    Barbatos vs Darkrai

    Low 1-C abilities restricted, speed equalised. Both start 4km away from each other. 2-A versions. I hope this aint a stomp Barbatos: Darkrai : Standard battle assumptions Location: Outer space
  7. JoshSSJGod

    Sleep and Mind relations.

    I've seen on multiple boards that include The Hunter (Monster Hunter) that you can resist Sleep Manipulation by having a resistance to Mind Manipulation ( and these claims being constantly being told no to ). I want to get a real answer here to that this can be used for future reference.
  8. The_Calaca

    Resistance for MCU Thanos

    During the battle in Titan, the team had to incapacitate Thanos to take the Gauntlet for him. In order to do that, they teamed up to restrict almost every part of his body to weaken him and grab the Gauntlet. Mantis jumped over his shoulders and tried to put him to sleep and/or affect his mind...
  9. Ecstasy_Amphetamine

    Inducing a coma

    What power would this fall under? I'm not sure myself, so I need some good answers.
  10. Jinsye

    Sleep Manipulation Question

    Legit, who's sleep manipulation is so ******* weak that it can be beat by limitless stamina. Like getting tired then passing out /=/ sleep manip generally, so I'd actually like to see someone with this weakness
  11. LordGriffin1000

    What is Knock Out Gas classed as?

    What the title says. Poison Manipulation?
  12. The_Smashor

    Most boring fights to actually watch

    This isn't about how interesting who would win the fight would be, this is about what fights would be the most boring to actually watch. For example, Chuck Norris vs Composite Slenderma: Chuck slowly and violently coughs out all of his blood and organs due to numerous 4D passive hax by Slendy...
  13. Almighty_cat_of_doom

    Hibernation, an ability?

    Is hibernation an ability worthy of having a page of its own? If not, what does it count as? Some sort of sleep manipulation? Body manipulation?
  14. HrishikeshM

    resistance to sleep manipulation for goku

    remember when jackie chun fought goku in the first tournament of db, he used hypnosis to make goku sleep but goku woke up anyway because he heard bulma say "food" waking up from a sleep manipulation attack alone proves that the character is somewhat resistant to sleep manipulation