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  1. Rasputin

    Sheogorath vs Yogiri

    Sheogorath Yogiri
  2. DTG499

    Why isn't there a profile on Jyggalag?

    Isn't he the strongest daedric prince? or is that nocturnal?
  3. StarSlayer666

    Sheogorath fights a Fusion

    the daedric Prince Of Madness Sheogorath has invaded several verses across fiction because he decided that the Shivering Isles were to small for his greatness so he has to absorb many realms to fullfil his Desire. The invaded verses were desperate, they had no way to even match the Mad God, so...
  4. Keeweed

    The Champion of Cyrodiil as Sheogorath, and Daedric Artifacts

    I know the Champion of Cyrodiil becomes Sheogorath. What I'm wondering is, did the Champion of Cyrodiil stop being a prisoner when he became Sheogorath or is Sheogorath post the Grey March a prisoner? Also unrelated but I've been wanting to make a thread on what all Daedric Artifacts do lore...
  5. StarSlayer666

    Sheogorath VS YHVH (Stats Equalized)

    There aren't any 10 Dimensional character in TES but i always wanted to see Mr. Clean facing a Daedra... Mr. Clea VS Sheogorath All stats equalized.
  6. StarSlayer666

    Sheogorath meets Digimon

    Sheogorath wants to absorb the Digimo verse into his own realm, the population of Digimon reunites to fight the threat.
  7. StarSlayer666

    Low 1-C Battle Royale

    Sheogorath VS Setoki Nozumu VS Lord of Nightmares VS God (World of Darkness) VS ZeedMillenniummo
  8. Read_this_post

    Two of the smartest madmen in reality destroy the omniverse

    The doctor has as much preparation time as he needs and access to any equipment except the Lux Aeterna and key to time The doctor: Sheogorath: Inconclusive:
  9. ZacharyGrossman273

    I'm Evil: Sheogorath VS Lucemon

    Plotting his next upgrade. Both are at full power. Lucemo: 0 Sheogorath: 0 Tie: 0
  10. ZacharyGrossman273

    Logic and Reason Dies a Painful Death: Sheogorath VS Sassy

    Let's go. They fight in the Shivering Isles.