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sam winchester

  1. Railgun

    A junkie fights with his big brother

    Demon Blood Sam vs Mark of Cain/Knight of Hell Dean Both of them have prep time Both in-character Both sides at their strongest. Junkie: Demon: Inconclusive:
  2. StarSlayer666

    Sam and Dean (Supernatural) visit Nevermore Academy (Wednesday)

    Sam and Dean Winchester arrive at the city of Jericho to investigate the mysterious killings that are happening around Nevermore Academy for Outcasts where Wednesday studies. How long would they take to solve the murders? Rules: they are in their base forms and have no outside help, meaning no...
  3. Ultima_Reality

    Supernatural Revisions

    So, Supernatural is finally over, save for an epilogue that comes out in two days. Might as well get to work on it. Castiel First of all, Castiel's weakened state being only "possibly 7-C" is pretty damn weird, given how he is pretty consistently portrayed as still being superior to regular...
  4. CursedGentleman

    Sam And Dean Winchester Upgrade

    Proposition: Upgrade the Winchester brothers to Superhuman movement speed. Reasoning: They were able to keep up with Scooby (Who is a great Dane) and the rest of the gang (Which can keep up with Scooby) in the crossover Scoobynatural.
  5. Nico-v11

    Dante (DMC Reboot) vs Sam Winchester (3 More Votes)

    Wow so yeah just by a glance at the profiles this may seem like a total stomp but it's really not. Fight takes place at a warehouse midnight. Speed is equalized. Dante (DMC reboot): 0 Sam Winchester: 4 (DMUA, Theglassman12, RebubleUselet, TheOwnMagic) Inconclusive: 1 (CoreOfimBalance(COB))
  6. Nico-v11

    Freddy Krueger vs Sam and Dean Winchester

    Can the Winchesters take on the Springwood Slasher? Sam and Dean due have experience fighting those in their dreams but can that be enough?
  7. Huesito88

    Demon Sam Winchester vs Dean Winchester with the mark of the Cain

    Both of the Winchester brothers in their dark forms going at it. But who will come out on top. Round 1 Speed equalized Round 2 Speed unequalized To the death They both get their Standard equipment Morals are on Location A abandoned house located in the middle of a graveyard
  8. LordGriffin1000

    Sam & Dean Winchester vs Jason Voorhees

    Sam & Dean take on a case about several missing teens at Camp Crystal lake. There they find the beast Jason. Can the brothers put him down