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  1. Tllmbrg

    Apotheosis Canon

    Okay before getting to meat of the upgrade I'm suggesting I just want to mention: https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/3895013 This upgrades which was agreed on still isn't on the page so the page should be edited to add them, also if anyone wants to further discuss if dado pills...
  2. The_Smashor

    I will defeat you with the power of damaging my arms!: Izuku vs 3589

    Why is Monica the only Apothesis SCP who gets attention here? I mean, really. Rules: Speed Equalized. This is 8% Izuku (Though he can use higher percents) vs Post-Apothesis 3589. Otherwise SBA. I love SCPs that don't have good images or fanart. They're the best. Breaking arms: Throwing...
  3. Dargoo_Faust

    Zipper Boi vs. Arm Boi

    >JoJo is 8-C+ Time for some new matches, mates. This is Apotheosis Canon Armando. Speed is equalized; battle takes place at the Colosseum in Italy. I assume Armando can't see Sticky Fingers, but considering spirits were employed against the population of 001s and he survived that, there's a...
  4. Dargoo_Faust

    8-C Brackets: Round 3

    Click here to get updates on the next round. Third Round of the 8-C Brackets begins! Our contestants for this round are SCP-3589 and Romeo Exxet. Click here to see our current standings. Speed is equalized, and this is Apotheosis Canon Armando. SCP-3589 - Romeo Exxet - Incon -
  5. Dargoo_Faust

    SCP-3589 vs. Vorkath

    Seems like an intresting matchup. AP-wise Armando should be superior, but Vorkath has a larger variety of powers and abilities. This is Apotheosis Canon Armando, and speed is equalized. Vorkath - Armando - Incon -
  6. Dargoo_Faust

    SCP Apotheosis Additions

    I'm going to repost this on content revision seeing as it got nowhere as a blog. Lesson learned, lol. The final chapter of Apotheosis has arrived, and I'm finally ready to update the profiles for Monica, Armando, as well as create new Profiles for SCP-3396 and SCP-3731 as a whole. Also...
  7. Jinsye

    SCP-3589 vs. Hajime Hinata

    First SCP that came to mind for my boi. Speed Equalized Izuru Kamukura vs. Post-Apotheosis Armando Who wins? Hajime Hinata: 7 (Velox, TISS, Dargoo, Xanx, Random Butler, Timesmash, Foca) SCP-3589: 0
  8. Dargoo_Faust

    Blake Belladonna vs. SCP-3589

    RWBY vs. SCP, but it isn't High 8-C. This is pre-timeskip Blake and Post-Apotheosis Armando. Note that Armando is getting Flight/Clarification that he can generate hundreds of arms at a time, although nothing ground-breaking for his profile. Speed is equalized. Blake Belladonna - Armando...