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  1. Wardokman69

    SCP-2117 vs SCP-682

    Extended canon 682 is being used. SCP-682 start from base form. SBA
  2. Enigma_Star

    SCP-2117 Cassiopeia constellation

    Would it be possible to know the rapport's sauce stating that SCP-2117 had reduced the Cassiopeia constellation to atomic bonds ? I had already seen on this site, but I search, I can't find ...
  3. JackJoyce

    Galeem vs SCP-2117

    Galeem: 1 (Dragonboi9191) SCP-2117: 8 (Eficiente, Gf7tvtvfvtfyvfvfvfvfvfv, lapitus The Impaler, Stalker Maggot, Paul Frank, JooCipher, Dargoo Faust, The Smashor) Speed Equalized. Who wins?
  4. SSBXeno573

    Finding a match for SCP-2117: SCP-2117 vs The Arisen

    Speed equalized Low 2-C verdions SCP-2117: The Arise:
  5. JackJoyce

    SCP 2117 vs Superboy Prime - One More Vote Needed

    Solidarity starts out in over maximum, and has acess to the Grand Wave Motion Cannon. This is Base Superboy with Anti-Monitor armor Speed is equalized. SCP-2117 - 9 (Dargoo Faust, Sir Ovens, Junkoposter, ABoogieYesSir, Starter Pack, Yellowpig10, Spinoirr, Gf7tvtvfvtfyvfvfvfvfvfv, The Wright...
  6. Dargoo_Faust

    SCP-2117 vs. Whis

    Now that our favoite spaceship pioleted by cyborg catgirls has been fully revised, let's try and get a battle under its belt. Both have one-shot Low 2-C beings, so, might be fair after all. Solidarity starts out in over maximum, and has acess to the Grand Wave Motion Cannon. Speed is equalized...
  7. Dargoo_Faust

    SCP Retcons 2: Electric Boogaloo

    So, SCP-2722 was retconned in the same way I've explained for The Hateful star. It seems like a rewrite was published under SCP-2117, so I'm going to get feats and abilities from that page, and make an update page on my sandbox for the The SCPS Solidarity. Do note that the new file is now part...
  8. Holyhotsauce

    Celestial Solidarity - Saint Celestine Vs SCP-2722

    Celestial Saint vs Celestial Spacecraft Battlemace 42 Million Vs SPC Fountain Former Sister Repentia Vs Thaumiel Class Object Saint Celestine: SCP-2722: Inconclusive: Scenario: In-Character. Both at 4-B. SBA.
  9. Kepekley23

    SCP Foundation: Settling the Verse's Dimensionality

    There is no peace. There are only threads wasted between VS battles. ~ Kepathon of the Threadtakers Introductio Currently, we rate the SCP Foundatio 1-Bs as having "at least 196,884 dimensions, with countless more unobservable vectors" based on both the tale Nobody Dies and...
  10. Royalty1702

    Machine Melee! Star Dream Soul OS (Kirby) Vs. SCP-2722 (SCP Foundation)

    Speed Equalized. Star Dream: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Star_Dream SCP-2722: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/SCP-2722
  11. Azathoth_the_Abyssal_Idiot

    SCP-2722 Revision

    Brought this up a couple days ago, but decided it's probably best to make a thread about it. SCP-2722 is currently rated as 4-A for a calc of destroying a star system, resulting in ~42 teraFoe. However, the major problem here is that this result was reached by calculating the destruction of the...
  12. Assaltwaffle

    4-B Battle Royale!

    Looks like we got another one! This time we're in 4-B. Here is the recruitment thread. Characters like Darth Sidious are banned; 2-C was bad enough with everyone getting insta-erased and we don't want that with mind hax boi. Superma OUT (Dead by Supernova) Silver Surfer OUT (Dead by...
  13. Hl3_or_bust

    I attempt to tear the wiki asunder except i'm just stealing some guys meme and this has spiralled radically out of control please help

    So...... the infinite dimensions thing in 2722s extra document has been up for atleast a week. (probably about a month or so now) Time to see how quickly this discussion gets rendered nonexistent by a wild azzy (if you want to see the info mentioned, go to the link, press CTRL + F and type...
  14. Kepekley23

    Broly vs. SCP-2722

    Speed equalized and bloodlusted. LSSJ Broly. Who wins?