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scp-001 (dr. clef's proposal)

  1. LordTracer

    SCP-001 (Clef) Quick Revision

    This should be quick. 001 seems to have been forgotten in the recent SCP revisions, as it is scaled to 682 and 2845, both of whom were upgraded to Possibly 1-A. As such, 001 should be upgraded to Possibly 1-A as well.
  2. CrystalValley

    Gilgamesh (CCC) Vs Uriel (SCP-001)

    since Nasuverse is now into Tier 1 it should be time to start making match ups. since i heard they used to be low-tier in 2-A i'm starting out small and not going with the heavy hitters. well at least i don't think Uriel is a heavy hitter in Low 1-C. both are in-character. fight takes place in...
  3. Braking

    Monke vs guardian of a tree

    Base Xeno Goku used The gate guardian (SCP-001) 2-A keys used Speed Equal Xeno Goku:3 The Gate Guardian: Incon: i hope this is not a stomp
  4. Roachman40

    Quantum Archangel Vs SCP-001(Dr.Clef's Proposal)

    Both 1-B Win Via Incapitation,KO or Death Quantum Archangel: SCP-001(Dr.Clef):1 Inconclusive:
  5. LightinAnt

    SCP-001 Clef's Proposal Ability additions

    SCP-001 also known as the Gate Guardian is missing some key abilities on his profile, i took most of this information from his original SCP file and some from Site 13 also known as SCP-1730, so lets begin Site 13: >"A colossal, motionless, flaming humanoid entity floats out of the chamber"...
  6. YasinRap

    SCP-343 vs SCP-001

    It would definetly a pretty good fight.
  7. Jinsye

    The Koitern vs. Clef's Proposal

    I was searching who can fight eachother in the SCP Foundation. So I'll try this, might be a stomp, IDK. Both 1-B, Both Immeasurable. Who wins? SCP-001 (Dr. Clef's Proposal): 5 The Koiter: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  8. Yomi_Schwarz

    The Gate Guardian vs. Noah of Dreams (Road vs Clef)

    Conditions -Speed Equal -Bloodlusted -Fight takes place in the United Kingdom
  9. DMUA

    The match I should have noticed sooner: Child-Gil vs Clef

    WEWEWEWEWWEEWWEWWEWEEW Speed Equalized 5-B versions used Otherwise Standard Battle Assumptions Smol Golden Boi: Guy with a rather big sword: Inconclusive:
  10. Schnee_One

    Jack Frost vs SCP-001

    So this match came up in the strongest characters thread. So let's decide. SCP vs SMT (Has a nice ring to it eh?) Speed is Equalized, fight at night in the desert, High 6A 001 (As if AP matters) Jack Frost (Shin Megami Tensei): SCP-001 (Dr. Clef's Proposal): 1
  11. DMUA

    I attempt to rip the wiki asunder, but with Swords this time.

    I don't regret this. Incase you had any hope for my sanity, even after Reinhard vs The Emperor. Speed Equalized. 5-B versions used Otherwise Standard Battle Assumptions Yhwach: 1 (The4Godlike) SCP-001: 4 (ZacharyGrossman273,Matthew Schroeder,WeeklyBattles and The Everlasting) Inconclusive:
  12. Sir_Ovens

    Reinhard van Astrea vs SCP-001 (Clef)

    Sword Saint vs Saint with a Sword High 6-A versions. Win via SBA. Speed equalized. Who wins and why?
  13. The_Wright_Way

    Vriska Serket vs SCP-001 (Clef)

    Both at 5-b. Speed equalized. vs.

    Saitama vs SCP-001 (Clef)

    Speed UNequalized. Saitama starts 2km away from 001. who wins?
  15. HoboPlayz

    Zeedmillenniummon vs SCP-001 (Clefs Proposal)

    Both blood lusted and willing to win by any means necessary No prep time and no this is not a stomp for zeed the scp has durability ignoring attacks
  16. ZacharyGrossman273

    Terrarian VS SCP-001 (Clef's Proposal)

    Speed equalized.
  17. Nakiri Kuubou vs SCP-001 (Dr. Clef's Proposal)

    Fallen Dragon God of our kind vs the SCP anomaly and "Gate Guardian". High 6-A stats for these two. Fight takes place at where SCP-001 is at. Speed is as is for now (As Kuubou doesn't actually move in his verse......really, he doesn't. He just sits there and let his waves and demon summons do...
  18. ZacharyGrossman273

    Superman (Red Son) VS SCP-001 (Clef's Proposal)

    Speed equalized. The Communist Superma VS The Gate Guardia
  19. ZacharyGrossman273

    Doctor Clef's Proposal VS Starving Galactus

    Votes: Galactus: 0 Doctor Clef's Proposal: 0
  20. Talonmask

    SCP-001 (Dr. Clef's Proposal) vs. Yhwach

    Seeing as Yhwach's versus thread ban has been lifted, who is the more powerful glowing sword wielder? The Gate Guardia or the Emperor of Wandenreich? Both are at their strongest. Speed is equalized.