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ruins test

  1. DarkDragonMedeus

    Ryuko Matoi Vs Chozo Ruins Test

    I cut you to pieces! 7-C versions are used and speed is equalized. Fight takes place in a 100 meter diameter arena with no escape. Gravity is 1 G and room temperature. Can Ryuko pass the Chozo Ruins Test? Ryüko Matoi - 0 Ruins Test - 0
  2. DarkDragonMedeus

    Doomslayer vs Chozo Ruins Test

    It seems Master Chief from Halo tends to get stomped when put against his most famous competitors; Samus and/or Doomguy. (Albeit the latter only recently been the case). However, Apparently, there exists a Metroid character who scales to Samus at her weakest who can put up a fair fight against...
  3. SomebodyData

    Ruins Test V. Mario

    Is he worthy? Can Mario Skywalker Mario (#SuperMarioBrosSuperShow) prove himself to the Chozo God Of War? https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ruins_Test https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Mario (Low 7-B with MHS reactions version) Please Read Hax/Stats of both characters before commenting