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ra (mythology)

  1. Votron5

    Ra's Speed

    Ok, quick question, why is Ra's speed MFTL or nigh-omnipresent with no justification? This is important since he scales to many Egyptian deities.
  2. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    Battle of Sun Gods

    vs Low 2-C versions, speed equalized Japan's Sun God: Egypt's Sun God:3 Tie: FIGHT!!!!!
  3. AsuraBG

    Double Standards in it's finest (Ra from Egyptian Mythology).

    !!!RANTING IN PROCESS!!! I seriously need to point this out because this has been infuriating me for months, maybe more. Considering that this topic will be locked, possibly deleted, I just had to get this out of my system once and for all. So please, excuse me, if I come off a bit frustrated. I...
  4. Yuraga

    Egyptian Mythology Concept Abilities

    Alright, so to begin my most noble escapade (I'm joking) in helping the wikia with rating mythological gods, I've had to do my fair share of research. It has come to my attention that deities like Ra and Apophis have a few more abilities than we gave them credit for...
  5. Yuraga

    Feats of Ra | Powers and Abilities

    Creation of Universes' Time Alright so I found this book written by Philip Ardagh, it's called "World Book Ancient Egyptian Myths & Legends". In it, I found some interesting points about Ra that I felt needed to be covered. In the book, it's revealed on Page 43 that Ra actually created time...
  6. Errorsaness

    Rapep vs Captain Atom.

    Same plot different vs. Pt 2 of rapep RAPEP VS CAPTAIN ATOM SPEED EQUALIZED
  7. Errorsaness

    Jiren vs Rapper with Apep's powers andhis own as well

    Again Jiren blasphemes and this time the eg gods chose their fighter and that was Ra Apep saw this as an opportunity andabsorbed ra but instead of absorbing him ra absorbed apep instead and gained his powers and now he's using that against Jiren Takes place after Superman pre crisis swors of...
  8. TheLuffyPlayer

    If i asked this to people from Old Egypt they were going to hunt me to death cause it's literally an crazy scientist old man vs one of their mo

    So yeah, sorry about the title being LOOOOOONG, but, here is another VS Thread between 2 characters i love. Professor Farnsworth vs Ra (Mythology) > Both at Low 2-C. > Farnsworth has access to EVERY invention ever shown. > The old man has 1 week of prep time. Is the Sun God godly enough or...
  9. Assaltwaffle

    Possible Egyptian Mythology Downgrades

    I notice that a lot of the Egyptian top tiers, including Ra, are Low 2-C by powerscaling. It seems that they scale from Heh and Nut (Egyptian mythology). Now, am I wrong to question the justification for the Universe+ level ratings of these two? Being infinite in size and composing said...
  10. ZacharyGrossman273

    Orphic Zeus VS Ra

    Zeus VS Ra Bloodlusted Takes place in empty pocket universe Who wins?
  11. The_real_cal_howard

    An Apophis Propfile

    I'm sorry for the lack of format and possibly detail in this, because this is my third time typing this. I feel like this should be evaluated first before me creating it, as it's a tier 2 profile. Anyway, name is Apophis, Apepi, Aapep, or Apep. Tier low 2-C The first and the last ones are the...