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piper mclean

  1. Demigod Lifting Strength Changes (Removal of Class T from the weaker members of the Seven)

    I was looking through the pages for various Riordan verse demigods and noticed that some scalings don't quite add up. Lifting Strength in particular. Currently, all of the Seven scale off of each other on lifting strength in their respective pages due to them clashing with giants. Every member...
  2. Mickey1940

    Piper vs Larcade

    2 High 7As with Empathetic Manip and metal things that can kill people. Why tf not? Speed equal No prep Both start 10 meters away from each other Since Larcade is an Etherious, let's treat him as a monster from the Riordanverse Who wins? Piper: Larcade:
  3. Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan

    Riordanverse demigods revision (Burning Maze spoilers)

    Yup, it's another Riordanverse revision. Warning: Spoilers for the Burning Maze (it's already 5 months but many people haven't read it yet) Last time when I attempted a revision, no one had read the Burning Maze yet, hopefully more people read it now. So, since no one was willing to give...
  4. Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan

    Riordanverse: The Burning Maze Upgrades (SPOILERS ALERT obviously)

    Just finished reading. Quite good, I'll give 8.5/10. RIP Jason. Honestly didn't see that coming. I could see him being revived, but the possibility is not high and I hope not. Some deaths have to be permanent. I've already added some non-controversial stuff, like Piper having sound manip...