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peashooter (plants vs zombies)

  1. Padaruyos

    Plants vs Zombies 2: Updated Torchwood Multiplier Scaling

    Recently there's an upgrade on making plants that deals 500 damage and above to scale to this new calc (Shadow Peashooter Plant Food explosion). Some scaling changes can be made to many other plants in various damage levels thanks to Torchwood's 2x multiplier. Torchwood's 2x multiplier has...
  2. koopa3144

    HUMONGOUS PvZ additions (PVZ Garden Warfare key addition + some Hero's changes (Staff approval needed!))

    This is my proposal for a Garden Warfare key for the Peashooter, Sunflower, Snow Pea, and Football Zombie. While a few plant hero's slight profile changes. Peashooter: Current profile, new profile Sunflower: Current profile, new profile Snow Pea: Current profile, new profile Football Zombie...
  3. DontTalkDT

    Immobile Tournament Match 8 (Peashooter vs Wally)

    Peashooter vs Where's Wally 2nd key Peashooter They start several centimeters apart SBA otherwise @DontTalkDT @Jamesthetaker
  4. Blockyguy

    Peashooter VS. Browncoat Zombie

    Both are in their PvZ1 forms. Peashooter: Browncoat Zombie:
  5. Kriskirby

    Plants vs Zombies Discussion Thread

    A VS match was derailing so here it is, for discussing revisions, comics, the games and stuff.
  6. Super_Ascended_Sean_Pazdera

    Battle for Neighborville

    Would it be okay to make profiles for Battle For Neighborville, or is it like Deltarune where "it isn't technically out so we can't make profiles yet"?
  7. Kriskirby

    Blocks vs Zombies

    Crazy Dave travels through time and space and ends up in Minecraft and gives Steve some seed packets for home defense in return for taco ingredients. Nighttime falls and a single peashooter is planted on Steve's lawn, when a zombie creeps from the darkness towards his home. He goes inside to...
  8. Gabriel72

    Peashooter durability

    Just why does peashooter have a Durability: Building level+? It just a plant and it can only take a few bites from zombies before dying. How does this make it durability building level+?
  9. Christian_Higdon

    Steve vs Peashooter

    Speed Equal. Both are 8-C. Gattling Pea is used here. Both are in-character. Steve has a pickaxe, a stone sword and leather armor. Battle is on Crazy Dave's lawn. Win via KO, incap or death. Who wins? Steve: 2 Peashooter: 0 The nostalgic fans kill them both: 0
  10. Superray06

    PvZ Gets a speed revision

    On the peashooters page it is called immobile while in the garden warfare games we have seen them uproot and move and also brings the rest of the verse down in speed as well.
  11. Armorchompy

    Plant fight Plant

    How has this not been done yet it's literally perfect. The match is between a Gatling Pea from Plants vs Zombies (I could change it to a peashooter with a charge of Plant Food) and Stray Cat from JoJo. Gatling Pea: 0 Stray Cat: 0 Incon: 0 Plant Gang Plant Gang SBA, speed equalized, all that
  12. TUHTPeaSkull12

    a little revision for pvz.

    a question we should take into account the abilities of the plants and zombie you have in pvz heroe ( and besides this because it was not added the plants of the Chinese version, I say this because zomboss has access to a zombot that is not in original pvz 2. manipulation of lava: as would...
  13. Read_this_post

    Is plasma pea 2-A?

    So... this guys descriptio. Would that make him 2-A? If not then what tier would he be?
  14. Super_Ascended_Sean_Pazdera

    More Powers and Abilities for the Tower Defense King

    Plants that are specifically stated to use Magic: Intensive Carrot Shrinking Violet Witch Hazel And that's assuming that not everyone in the Enchant-Mint class of Plants is magical. Life Manipulation (I don't see how this wasn't there before, but now there's specific proof): The Zoybean...
  15. Insecurity97

    Battle of the weakest 9-As: Lincoln Loud fights a goddamn Peashooter

    Both are bloodlusted. Not much else to say but I guess I'll equalize speed just in case Battle takes place in the Loud family's backyard. Peashooter is on one side, and Lincoln is on the other Lincoln Loud: 0 Not Bellsprout: 0 Thunder McQuee: 0
  16. Bobsican

    Bellsprout Vs. Peashooter

    Because they don´t want to be confused. Both at tier 9, speed equalized. The bell Pokémon (the hax would be pretty similar anyways) The plant with a green face Sprout! Pop!
  17. Joelcampos50

    Should more Plants Vs. Zombies pages be made?

    I think more Plants vs. Zombies pages should be made including a verse page,who agrees with me? I remember playing through a story mission in Garden Warefare 2 and when I went to find Cozmic Brainz he started talking,one of the things he said is something about being multiversal,another thing he...