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  1. DragonLord

    Undertale Year-Misconception

    Warning. If you have somehow not played Undertale this talks about heavy spoilers This should be a pretty simple fix, currently profiles such as Papyrus state the game takes place in 201X in the age section. This isn’t true and actually a misdirection of the game itself while the Intro says...
  2. ShockingPsychic

    Napstablook Addition. (Some possible resistances)

    During the ending of the True Pacifist route, Napstablook reveals that he was uneffected by Asriel absorbing everyone's souls. This isn't mentioned anywhere on his profile, and I think this feat is too noteworthy to be ignored. The specifics on HOW he did this are... strange. He states that all...
  3. Superray06

    ghost fight

    = speed Battle takes place in a forest Snatcher: Napstablook: Sorry Snatcher Draw/Inconclusive
  4. Super_Ascended_Sean_Pazdera

    Powerscaling with Napstablook

    Why do we scale Napstablook to RUINS monsters instead of Papyrus, who the ghost has exactly half the stats of? After all, Napstablook isn't from the RUINS.

    Arch-Curate Vyrthur vs Napstablook

    AKA me vs azzy speed is equalized who wins?
  6. LordKill90908

    Calc stacking and Undertale downgrade

    Now, the following calculation is for the KE of Papyrus' Absolutely Normal Attack. [[1]] The reasoning for this calc is that Papyrus is stronger than Napstablock who has a relativistic feat. While it is seemingly sound that Papyrus scales to Napsta's relativistic feat, the calc itself is not...
  7. Talonmask

    Ghost Battle! Napstablook vs. Gengar

    Gengar found some joy in pranking the monsters in The Ruins, when it came across another apparaition laying in the grass it was excited, another spirit down here? Maybe they could join together and create epic hijinks. Naptablook listened to the ghost's proposition and thought of his friends...
  8. Saikou_The_Lewd_King

    Undertale Napstablook/Lesser Dog KE calc

    It's less of a calc and more like stuffing approximations in a KE calcator so I don't think a Blog is needed for that one. First of all: Napstablook. He's the one doing the Light timing feat in the first place. We can't calculate the speed exactly, so let's use the low/high end thing: 0.5 c and...