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  1. Mamaroza

    Minor Tsuchikage upgrade

    Naruto - Chapter 466 Naruto - Chapter 546 Deconstruction: agree (LordGriffin,Damage3245,UchihaSlayer96,KingTempest,Deceived3596) Power nullfication:agree( LordGriffin) Disagree(Damage3245,UchihaSlayer96,Deceived3596,KingTempest) Density Manipulation:--
  2. RanaProGamer

    All Kage Tournament | Round 6 (Fourth Raikage vs Alive Muu)

    A tournament to decide the most skilled Kage (not the strongest obviously). Same rules as any tournament, however, if we come across a stomp later on, that Kage will automatically advance. Standard Battle Assumptions Fourth Raikage vs Alive Muu Who wins and why?
  3. TauanVictor

    Obito vs Muu

    Obito Uchiha (Tobi) VS Muu Fight Location: Place Starting Distance: 20m Both in-character Equalized speed Tobi and Edo Muu Tobi: 1 (@XSOULOFCINDERX) Muu: Inconclusive:
  4. TauanVictor

    Muu vs Mega Lucario

    Muu VS Mega Lucario Fight Location: Madara Uchiha VS The Shinobi Alliance Starting Distance: 100 Meters Equalized Speed Edo Muu will be used Muu: 1 (@Zeifyl) Mega Lucario: Incon:
  5. Abysswalker2126

    Naruto(Verse) Onoki and Muu upgrade?

    Currently they are both in tier 7 however they both of the potential to be Tier 6 as Dust release destructive capabilities is purposefuly limited to the shape of the attack they create-Normally when they use it they make a cube to contain the blast limiting the damage to the surrounding area...
  6. Dzhindzholia

    Onoki and Muu downgrade.

    They both rated as tier low7-B via Jinton,from this calc.But for some reasons the result of atomization was applied,when Jinton is only molecualr lvl.
  7. Shadowbokunohero

    Minor Naruto upgrade

    Naruto was able to damage Muu with his planetary rasengan in his chakra mode, Muu's durability is listed as City level and his tier small city level, so i believe that Naruto's Chakra mode which is currently rated as Large town level should be upgraded to small city or City level. Naruto...
  8. Raito_Utopia

    Downgrade Muu

    since onoki has been downgrade ( https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/271543 ) , I think this should happen
  9. Valar_Melkor_2

    Tsuchikage Muu vs 23rd Budokai Piccolo