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  1. Lavinrac

    A misconception about the DSP verse on the wiki

    On the wiki, the gods and devils are classified as tier 3, like Etihw creating the Gray World is considered a universe-level feat, like, the term "universe" was never used nor implied as being one of the powers of DSP gods and devils, the only time this is implied in any capacity is regarding...
  2. Armorchompy

    Mogeko Castle Revision

    Stats Right now Mogeko Castle characters are 4-A/High 3-A for King mogeko creating the castle which contains starry skies and infinite space. That's cool and all but it's not really known how he did it and as such our default assumption shouldn't be that it scales to his stats. My argument isn't...
  3. Andytrenom

    Mogeko Castle 4-A/High 3-A Downgrade

    Might as well get this done… Introductio Currently, the Mogekos are rated at 4-A/High 3-A for a statement of being able to destroy the Mogeko Castle, which contains a nightsky full of stars and is stated to possess infinite space. Now treating this feat as being so high I don't have any...
  4. Ten_Rulle

    Mogeko stats

    Where it was said that Mogeko castle is an infinite space?
  5. Ricsi-viragosi

    yonaka downgarde

    the mogeko who claims to be planning to destroy the castle, not only being insane and his creation having shown to malfubction, never said HE was gonna destroy it, and its quiet to hasty to say that he could tank it, as mogekos have shown to be ******** in intelect (strategy, at the least) and...
  6. QuasiYuri

    Mogeko Castle upgrade

    It lacks some various feat for various pages, respectively: Moge-ko: She has a forcefield and her speed is above subsonic, since she was able to react to Nega-Mogeko's RPG shot. King-Mogeko: He has created all Mogeko, so he should have the creation of life life in his powers. In the Bad End...