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miyuki sone

  1. Peppersalt43

    Manipulative Reality Warping Gods (Emnn vs Miyuki Sone)

    YOU think you can just load a save and start over, right? : 0 Why, it's in the palm of my hand. It is my hand. The one I wipe with : 0 Incon : 7 Low 2-C versions used Speed equalized (I wonder how that works in this situation) Emnn is bloodlusted Don't ask, I just want to try and make a viable...
  2. FoxySonicMaster108

    Miyuki fights a cat but with a “Persona” (REDUX)

    Trying this again because Morgana’s profile was outdated, and the original post was a necro so I’m trying again. I hate myself for thinking of this idea but I’m doing it anyway. Speed equalized Early Game Morgana is used Miyuki has access to her Smartphone and “God” Who wins? Miyuki Sone...
  3. FoxySonicMaster108

    Slight Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi (Totono) changes

    Okay, I finally decided to do this, one of my very first CRT's. Now I'm not extremely knowledgeable so correct me if I'm wrong. Miyuki Sone and Aoi Mukou should have their 2-C tiers removed because "Save Files aren't timelines" anymore (even though I don't agree with it) (and I don't know if...
  4. FoxySonicMaster108

    Archie Sonic VS Miyuki Sone (Oh No)

    I can’t believe I’m really doing this. I get a feeling this a stomp, but we’ll see. Base Form Archie Sonic used Second Key Miyuki is used Who wins? Fate hax gg: Smartphone gg: Incon:
  5. FoxySonicMaster108

    Miyuki Sone messes with the wrong “Cat”

    Early Game Morgana is used Miyuki is at her peak. Speed is equalized if needed Who wins? Miyuki Sone: Morgana: Inconclusive:
  6. FoxySonicMaster108

    Ness VS Monika but not Monika (Miyuki Sone) (Hopefully not a stomp)

    Ness at Low 2-C Miyuki has access to her Smartphone + God Speed equalized Who wins? Okay: I'm talking to YOU: Incon:
  7. Ted_Ed

    Miyuki Sone (That obscure not-Monika) vs GER

    Speed equalized if needed Gold Experience Requiem Im talking to YOU
  8. The_King_of_Prudence

    Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi: Miyuki things

    "Save File Creation: Miyuki could create her own savefiles after taking the save and load function from the game" This sounds more like power absorption than nullification. Also, can someone make the "origin" thing point to the verse page?
  9. Darkmon_cns

    Bill's rematches: a demon vs a glitch that has god on speed dail

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Bill_Cipher Vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Miyuki_Sone Low 2-C fight starts in weird magedan Note Miyuki is as she is before the end game. If she is resurrected she is resurrected that way as well, As it's come to my attention it would be a stomp if...
  10. RapidMotorcycle19

    Miyuki vs Chuck Norris

    Monika is beating him, so Miyuki must give it a try too. Im talking to YOU Low 2-C forms. Speed equal.
  11. RapidMotorcycle19

    Drama Club Member vs Literature Club Member

    After a incinclusive battle with the leader of the club, Miyuki still had to bring someone to the Principal's office for misbehaviour. Who would be better than the airhead who always sleeps in class? 2-C Miyuki vs 2-C Sayori Im talking to YOU
  12. RapidMotorcycle19

    School Idol vs School Magical Girl

    Ktk Miyuki Revival fights #2 Low 2-C Miyuki vs Low 2-C Angel Usagi As a school class president, Miyuki has to give her help to a certain blonde in order to improve her mediocre grades. Speed Equalized Im talking to YOU
  13. RapidMotorcycle19

    School Idol vs S.O.S Brigade Leader

    Miyuki Ktk Revival Fights #1 Haruhi dragged a certain school idol into the S.O.S. Brigade clubroom with the hope she would join 'em. When said idol refused, Haruhi got really pissed off. Miyuki obviously has her 2-C powers. Speed equal. S.O.S. Brigade President Im talking to YOU
  14. Marco_Shark

    A Virtual School Girl takes on the Noddle Girl.

    Pucca vs Miyuki Sone Speed equalized. Im talking to YOU
  15. Kyle_Ramos

    The super ultra Mega Totono upgrade thread!

    First off, some things that are getting added. Added a Nico Nico link (Note that you need an account to see it! Time stamps are included for reference!) Kimi to Kanojo no Koi has a total of 60 Save Slots! 6 Slots, 10 pages. Which is pretty darn nice number of timelines being freaking erased...
  16. Jinsye

    Miyuki vs. White Face

    Since Miyuki vs Monika was a massive clustertruck of mess. I'll do Miyuki vs. White Face, maybe we'll pull out an actual victory for this one! Basically White Face interacted with the player. Miyuki ain't happy, even though she doesn't quite know White Faces, gender. Miyuki is still happy to...
  17. Kyle_Ramos

    A filthy Highschool Ningen Hacker vs Ningen Slayer

    Fusion Zamasu takes on yet another High School Girl! Speed equal Verse unequal Miyuki is just Low 2-C
  18. Kyle_Ramos

    Big Lizard vs Best VN Girl

    Giratina vs Miyuki Sone Speed Equal Verse Unequal One Highschool girl beat him up, Can another one do the same?
  19. Kyle_Ramos

    Thor vs Miyuki (Yet another high school girl vs Thunder God.)

    Speed Equal Battle in the universe Verse Unequalized. Miyuki has her bat and her cellphone.
  20. AquaWaifu

    A demonic triangle vs a "normal highschool girl" (TWO MORE VOTES!)

    I´m talking to YOU. Bill Cipher - 1 ( ZacharyGrossman273 ) VS Miyuki Sone - 5 ( Gargoyle One, Kepekley23. Paulo.junior.969, Ricsi-viragosi, Kyle Ramos) Inconclusive - 0 ( ) BATTLE CONITIONS: Both are set at Low 2-C. Bill is restricted and Miyuki has her smartphone Both are in-character...
  21. Monikaforever

    Miyuki Sone vs Monika (The fight for (You)r love.)

    While managing her Twitter account, Monika realizes someone had broken into her place in order to assassinate her for interacting with her "boyfriend", with a metal baseball bat in hand. Soon she realized who she was talking about. You. Speed Equalized if needed. Miyuki has her God powers...