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mii (wii sports series)

  1. Flashlight237

    Matt from Wii Sports CRT: The One Feat Wii Sports Actually Had

    Well, this got approved: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Flashlight237/Wii_Sports:_Mii_Knocks_Away_a_Punching_Bag The obvious part that is approved is the low end value for the bag, which is 84985.265085 joules. I had put up a theoretical maximum of 679882.1207 based on the strength...
  2. Pikaman

    Mii vs Miia

    Mii vs Miia Wii Sports Resort Mii will be used Battle takes place on Wuhu island, Mii has access to the plane, beginning in it, and Miia begins in the surrounding waters. Was looking for the Mii in the wiki and found this character, they have the same tiering so thought this would be fun...
  3. CCMac27

    Renaming of Wii Sports Verse

    I think we should change the Wii Sports verse page to something like "Wii Series". I say this because there are several games that have the name Wii in them, like the 3 Wii Sports games, Wii Fit, Wii Party, Wii Music, and more. These are all games made as part of this Wii "continuity", so we...
  4. NekoMorgana647

    Most funny Mii you ever made?

    I've made a Shaggy, Hitler, Diavolo, Rick Sanchez, Lewbert, and a Kenshiro Mii, I love using some of the Miis I make online in SSBU, it's the ultimate disrespect losing to some of em.
  5. Tots_Real

    Mister Satan vs Mii (Wii Sports Series)

    Both 9-B Satan has no equipment
  6. QuasiYuri

    Composite Mii revision/upgrade

    Everything which is on this thread should be added, as well as others (I will repeat some of the power which was in the thread): Sound Manipulation, Heal, Resurrection and possible Broadway Force with the Popstar's powers Fire Manipulation and some sort of transmutation for Chef class...
  7. The_Smashor

    Nintendo: Mii revisions

    Wii Sports Mii Wii Sports Resort Mii should also be 9-B since a feat from their game is literally used to justify Composite Mii's 9-B Striking Strength. Speaking of... Composite Mii Should include Mii Fighters, making them Low 7-B. Also Striking Strength should scale to AP since they commonly...
  8. One_Stick_Man

    Villager VS Mii (Wii Sports)

    9-B SBA use Villager: 8 (Saikou The Lewd King, Jackythejack, GreyFang82, CCMac27, ChosenOrDeath, Jawsome274, Starter Pack,Bobsica) Mii: 0
  9. CCMac27

    Nintendo Boxer Brawl (Concluded and added)

    Little Mac, after becoming champion by defeating Mr. Sandman, is enjoying his fame and accomplishment. That is, until a mysterious boxer appears and challenges him.... Speed is equalized. 9-B forms are used. Mac cannot become Giga Mac, and Mii can not use any gear other than boxing. Fight...
  10. CCMac27

    Wii Sports VS. PUBG

    Mii (Wii Sports Series) VS. The Player (PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds) The Wii Sports version of the Mii is used, and the player has access to vehicles, grenades and all other weapons. In other words, 9-B forms are used. Fight takes place in a large open field just outside of Pochinki. The...
  11. CCMac27

    Mii Question

    In the original Wii Sports, the player can perform a move where, by dodging a punch at the perfect time, time slows down and they can deliver a counter attack. We can look at this in one of three ways. 1. We view it as a game mechanic and nothing more 2. We attribute it to a power, something...