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michael de santa

  1. ABBY vs Michael

    ■ Rules : ▪they can use any weapons from their respective games; ▪Michael has access to his "power"; ▪the speed is not = ; it will only be = if necessary ; ▪Battle location : liberty city ; MUSCLE WOMAN : THE "FAT" MAN : INCON :
  2. SamanPatou

    Small GTA V Durability Downgrade

    For some reason Trevor Philips, and the other GTA V protagonists by default, have hidden 9-B+ scaling in their profile. His Durability section states . Can tank multiple head-on collisions into walls with cars and trucks going in excess of 50 mph [With semi-trucks weighing in at 36280 kg, a...
  3. MoppingFloors

    Michael's Lifting Strength

    Michael was able to restrain, push, and slightly lift a decently strong looking guy in the mission "Daddy's Little Girl" Considering the guy's looks and muscles, he appears to be a slightly above average guy, which puts his hand strength around 135 LB (61.2 KG) in each hand. Which means he was...
  4. Ryuga21

    Max Payne vs Michael de Santa

    Explosives are restricted for they both Both starts at 20 meters Max Payne: 1 (davidparra) Michael de Santa: Inconclusive:
  5. TheArsenal1212

    006 vs Michael (GTA) (1-0-0)

    Because the CJ match didn't work well Game Alec, 9-B Franklin with no bomb suit Speed is = Alec Trevelya: 1 Michael de Santa: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  6. Insecurity97

    GTA 5 CRT

    Why are the trio's bomb suits 9-A? I don't even recall them being more durable than before in those suits. Anything that's 9-A automatically turns them into paste
  7. Not_Icarus

    Max Payne VS Michael De Santa

    Both are at 9-B and get access to either a rocket launcher or grenade launcher as a 9-A heavy weapon. Speed not equal. -Max Payne: (KLOL506, ELGB333) -Michael De Santa:
  8. Insecurity97

    Stan Smith vs. Michael De Santa

    Two overweight, melodramatic alcoholic fathers that are skilled with guns decide to duke it out with each other Both have a pistol and are bloodlusted Stan Smith: 0 Michael de Santa: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  9. Codeninja676

    Kazuma Kiryu vs GTA 5 Protagonists(1v1,1v3)

    YAKUZA VS GTA 5 Kazuma Kiryu VS Trevor Phillips Kazuma Kiryu VS Franklin Clinto Kazuma Kiryu VS Michael de Santa Kazuma Kiryu VS All 3 (Trevor Phillips,Franklin Clinto and Michael de Santa) Scenario 1 Setting: All battles take place in an area that has no possible outside interference...