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mecha sonic

  1. GlaceonGamez471

    "I'LL CRUSH YOU!": A Mecha Sonic CRT

    Remembered I had this shoved in a sandbox after a while. Scrapnik Island is a thing, and Mecha Sonic returned, giving new stuff for him Recently updated to account for this accepted CRT: Here's an updated profile for the bot. Credit due to those who worked on it
  2. Gilad_Hyperstar

    Who is the Superior Sonic 3 & Knuckles Boss? (CONCLUDED)

    Final Weapon VS Super Mecha Sonic * Standard Battle Assumptions (4-A versions are used) * Speed is unequal * Battle takes place in the Doomsday Zone * Super Mecha Sonic has access to the Master Emerald * Victory can be achieved in any means * Final Weapon: * Mecha Sonic: 9 (Theuser789...
  3. XitSign

    "I'LL CRUSH YOU!!!"..."Wow!" (Mecha Sonic VS Yoshi)

    Guess who had Super Mario Bros. Z show up in their Youtube Recommendations randomly? Lets have a nice nostalgic rematch! Yoshi is harboring one of the Chaos Emeralds again, and Mecha Sonic doesn't plan on leaving Yoshi's Island without it, even if he has to pull it from his charred corpse...Oh...
  4. Gilad_Hyperstar

    Sonicverse 4-A Bracket Round 6: Super Silver VS Super Mecha Sonic (GRACE)

    Super Silver VS Super Mecha Sonic Rules for the match are listed here Silver: 7 (Oleggator, Waka1979, GlaceonGamez471, Ned_the_outer_god, JJSliderman, Lord_JJJ, ElixirBlue) Mecha Sonic: Inconclusive:
  5. Gilad_Hyperstar

    Mecha Sonic VS Biolizard

    Finalhazard VS Super Mecha Sonic Standard Battle Assumptions (4-A forms, speed is equalized, battle happens in outer space) Victory can be achieved in any method Super Sonic Copy: Failed Shadow: 7 (Maverick_Zero_X, King_Clab, Grandlewon, SMASHssf2, Cropfist, XSOULOFCINDERX...
  6. Lord_JJJ

    Heavy King VS Mecha Sonic (4-2-0)

    Base are used for Both and speed is unequalised Mecha Sonic : 2 Heavy King : 5
  7. The_Smashor

    Just some more generic Sans spam. Move along.

    Mecha Sonic vs Sans. I saw this in a youtube video once. So, yeah. Speed equalized. No master emerald. Both are bloodlusted despite the fact neither of them have blood. Fight is in the Judgement Hall.
  8. Mickey1940

    Metal Sonic vs Mecha Sonic

    Metal Overlord Metal Sonic vs Super Mecha Sonic No time limits Speed equalized Fight takes place in the Milky Way Metal: 1 Mecha:
  9. The_Smashor

    A yellow electric mouse fights a killer robot hedgehog. Didn't expect to read that when you woke up, did you?

    Both are bloodlusted. Speed equalized. Both are 8-A and have nothing that would put them at a higher level. Victory by K.O. or death. (Also fun fact Mecha Sonic fought modern sonic in base form as well as flying and shooting spheres in Lego Dimentions. Yes, lego dimentions. Not being used here...
  10. Sonicrunn4r

    Mecha Sonic Vs Metal Sonic

    The battle of the Sonic clones. Who would win?
  11. Kirbyelmejor

    Metal General vs Mecha Sonic

    -Speed Equalized -Metal General has HR-D3 and Mecha Sonic it's in his super form. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Mecha_Sonic https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Metal_General
  12. The_real_cal_howard

    Mecha Sonic vs Yoshi

    Anyone who's seen SMBZ knows why these two are fighting. Speed is equalized. Who wins? YOSHI!!
  13. The_Smashor

    Super Mecha Sonic vs Onslaught

    SMS has no time limit. Onslaught has Franklen Richards' and Nate Gray's powers. Fight takes place in the doomsday zone. They start one mile away from eachother. Both are bloodlusted.
  14. The_Smashor

    Mecha Sonic vs Sephiroth

    The one who made "One Winged Angel" a trope and the first one to do it (S3&K was before FF7, correct?) Both are in character accept Mecha wants to kill Sephiroth. Sephiroth for some reason wants to obtain the master emerald, thus he dosn't destroy it Victory by death or K.O. Base form speed...
  15. The_Smashor

    Possible Mecha Sonic buff

    So, this is a buff to Mecha Sonic's durability. Just, look at this and tell me that Mecha's Durability is only city. While the exact size of Skyward Sanctuary zone is unknown, the fact is Mecha Sonic took TWO beatings from Knuckles, the same knuckles with small city level striking strengh, and...
  16. DarkLordofShadows

    Mecha Sonic VS Meta Knight

    Mecha Sonic VS Meta Knight Versions: Casual Meta Knight and Super Mecha Sonic. Victory by K.O or Death. Speed Equalized Morals Off. Local: Konoha (at night). Distance: 2 kilometers. Who wins, and why?