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  1. The_Impress

    Monster Invasion: The Leviathan vs. The Mandarin

    Leviathan (Parahumans) vs. Mandarin (Marvel Comics) Dragon Seed Saga Mandarin used, speed equalized. Battle takes place in the Valley of the Sleeping Dragon. Leviathan greatly upscales from 4.44 tons Mandarin upscales from 7.98 tons
  2. The_Impress

    Marvel: Mandarin Rework

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:The_Imp-ress/Iron_Man_Rework#Mandarin Brief summary of the rework: Added keys to showcase Mandarin's progression in strength as time passes. These are canonically like this To note, there are more keys I could add, because essentially in every...
  3. Newendigo

    Iron Man Weapon Pages

    Greetings, as some of you guys may heard before, people have been planning to split the current Iron Man character profile into several different weapon files for his armors. This'll be better to illustrate the overtime Tier shift to higher, and the P&A shift as well, not the weirdly uninformed...
  4. JohnCenaNation

    Neo vs Mandarin

    vs Rules: 1. This is Neo at his strongest from The Matrix without any injuries; whereas this is Mandarin at his strongest from Marvel Comics without any injuries. 2. Neo in prime, ate Redpill & Bluepill, becomes The One & The Prime Program, has Powers Awakened & The Source, uses The Matrix...
  5. SuperKamiNappa

    Tatsumaki vs. Mandarin

    Speed Equalized Who wins and why?
  6. Fv5v7

    mandarin vs natsu dragneel

    high 6-c mandarin most powerful form of natsu both in character who will win?
  7. Liam_Thibodaux

    The Mandarin

    The Mandarin's current page is badly underwritten. Here is my first draft of a revised version: The Mandari Any feedback on what I should change/correct would be appreciated.