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  1. Armorchompy

    Small Mario AP Upgrade

    The Super Mario RPG remake contains a cloud-parting feat, performed in conjunction by Peach, Mallow and Mario, that still ends up within Island level, but quite a bit higher in it (around 1.6x higher than DK's Island Punch, which is the current main feat). This does not mandate the editing of...
  2. ZespeonGalaxy

    Mario Luigi Peach Bowser Geno AND Mallow Buff CRT

    Stuff I found while browsing the mario wiki, I think the profiles are great for the most part minus the paper split lol but anyways New Stuff for the Seven Stars Cast (Which applies to Mario Bowser Peach Mallow and Geno ) Limited Invincibility for the first three to possibly five strikes with...
  3. Soupywolf5

    A skeleton fights a cloud

    Kingdom Hearts Jack Skellington vs. Mallow Speed equalized Spooky Scary Skeleto: Frog-Cloud: 5 (Bobsican, Psychomaster35, Lord JJJ, Niccokirby, CBslayeR) The Mario Upgrades Go Through:
  4. Dust_Collector

    Super Mario RPG resistances

    So with the exception of Mr Jumpman, the entire Super Mario RPG cast (Bowser, Peach, Geno, and Mallow) are missing some resistances they have from Safety Rings, which is weird because it was already agreed for them to have these resistances but, but not all of them got added to the profiles for...
  5. Bobsican

    Cloud Vs. Mallow

    The clouds are starting to storm. Both at High 4-C, speed equalized. The cloud The edgy cloud