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lor starcutter

  1. Psychomaster35

    Magolor & Lor Starcutter VS Four & X: Chapter Epilogue

    As part of this spam matchup thread. Both are 4-A (First form Master Crown Magolor and 4-A Four & X are used). Rest of the rules are listed in the linked thread. Who wins? Egg and its ship: Hosts with the most values: They abandon this to go to TPOT:
  2. Eficiente

    Is this a galaxy?

    It's spinning and has a big while thing in the center.
  3. EMagoIorSouI

    More Magolor revisions

    Hoo boy, here we have some more revisions for Magolor, predominantly for abilities. Shown here, Magolor is capable of blasting numerous, almost undodgeable energy orbs to Kirby and Co., this should at least be considered Danmaku Shown here, When Magolor exits the portal he created, it shows...
  4. Eficiente

    Magolor Strikes Back (Upgrades & fancy stuff)

    The Upgrades Magolor Soul Repeating what I said in this thread; Magolor, the game and Satoshi Ishida (this guy) describe the Master Crown as a thing with infinite power (ÒéÇÒüÆÒéô = infinite, þäíÚÖÉ = infinite). (As a side note; When Magolor puts on the crown and transforms this theme...
  5. Eficiente

    Kirby (universe) revisions part 2

    Mostly in Haxes & Resistances, possible upgrade to Galacta Knight and for the Lor Starcutter in speed. Haxes & resistances (X)Perception Manipulation for Paint Kirby as he blind his opponents's view. (This kinda goes to his list of more useful haxes.) (X)Remember how MK's sword can shatter...
  6. Foggysniper

    A few very minor Kirby charater revisions.

    This only really applies to the Lor Starcutter and a possible change to Star Dream. According to a Miiverse post, the interdimesnional gateway that Star Dream grabs Galacta Knight from is beyond time and space. Why does this matter you may ask? Well in another Miiverse post, Òé»Òâ×ÒéÂÒé¡ says...
  7. The_real_cal_howard

    Normal Kirby upgrade (final try)

    SD convinced me to make a thread about it. This would disregard the previous one if true, but if it's false, then go back to that one. So, Kirby has seven 3-B to 3-A feats. All relating to Another Dimension. First there's Magolor, who, which we all know of by now. Then there's Landia, who...
  8. WeeklyBattles

    The Halberd vs The Lor Starcutter

    Ship fight!!!!!!! Halberd vs Lor Starcutter I'm...not sure what rules to put...its a fight between two ships...