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loki (marvel comics) (classic)

  1. StrangeDays20

    An Issue With Thor's Profile (Regarding Speed) Marvel Comics

    So I was looking at Thor's profile and I saw a statement that said Earth and Asgard are spaced apart by an infinite distance and Odin's feat of sending Thor from Asgard to Earth was the reason why he was given infinite speed. What's the issue? Well Thor has gone from Earth to Asgard quite a few...
  2. ShionAH

    Some Marvel characters

    Question isn't loki like extremely strong in comics? What about GoS (God of stories) Shouldnt he alteast get plot manipulation? Why is vision unknown? HOI Vision is like 1-A I believe right? (House Of Ideas)
  3. Dust_Collector

    Ganondorf vs Loki

    I dunno, the idea just popped into my head. Loki being 5-B to 3-C isn't much of a problem since Ganon has low-godly regen, and Loki does have some abilities that would allow him to incap Ganondorf (And maybe even kill him, pretty sure his own soul manipulation is better than what Ganon can...
  4. Coolboy6

    Shapeshifter battle (Loki vs Queen Chrysalis)

    Chrysalis: hahaha. What is that outfit you’re wearing? It looks ridiculous. Loki: what did you just say about my outfit?! Look at yourself, you dark, edgy horse with Swiss cheese legs! Chrysalis: WHAT?! How dare you insult me! That’s is reindeer games, You’re going down! Both 4-B, speed...
  5. Peppersalt43

    Shapeshifters try to bring down kingdoms

    Alright, after my first experience with making 2 shape-shifters fight going inconclusive, I realize that it would be better to let them do what they do best, espionage. This won't get added but I thought it would be a challenge to know the outcome of this match. Anyway, onto the story. Story ...
  6. Christian_Higdon

    Loki vs Discord

    Speed equal. Both are 4-B. Battle is in neutral territory. Both are in-character. Who wins? Loki: 0 Disc: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  7. Confluctor


  8. JohnMorrison33

    Sephiroth vs Loki (Comics)

    Both at 4-B, in character, random encounter, speed equalized Sephiroth (Final Fantasy) 2 (Creaturemaster971, SladeWilson6), Loki (Marvel Comics) (Classic) 0, Inconcluded 3 (Devils May Die, Modernmyrmidon, Ionliosite)
  9. Hl3_or_bust

    Two Really Damn Good Wizards Duke it Out (Wisemon vs Loki)

    *the sounds of unable to think of something witty* this guy's profile made me remember how bad old comics looked Loki (Marvel Comics) (Classic) vs Wisemo >Speed= for obvious reasons >4-B Wisemon a green wizard: 0 a red wizard: 0 a dead wizard: 0
  10. Sir_Ovens

    Loki vs Kiara

    Loki tries to be the best looking female God. Kiara is not impressed. Heaven's Hole vs Heaven's Troll 4-B versions. Speed equalized. Win via SBA.
  11. Dust_Collector

    Loki vs Ganon

    Now that Lokis profile is no longer garbage and has been updated, I can do a matchup I've wanted to do for a while. Ganon has the full Triforce and speed is equalised, who comes out on top? God of Mischief: Demon King of Darkness: Inconclusive:
  12. Graf_Thorsdottir

    Marvel Comics - Loki rewrite

    This is long overdue, but eh... So a few months ago I started a project to go through Loki's appearance in Marvel Comics to create a respect thread, since his current one is awful for many reasons (inaccurate stats due to handbook scaling, a practice we've long abandoned, or copy-pasting his...
  13. TheFinalOrder

    Yhwach (Soul King) vs Loki (Marvel Comics)

    SoM: In Character Speed Equal 5-B versions Who takes it?
  14. Liam_Thibodaux

    The Mandarin

    The Mandarin's current page is badly underwritten. Here is my first draft of a revised version: The Mandari Any feedback on what I should change/correct would be appreciated.
  15. HellFire707

    Who is the True King of Sorcery? Loki (Marvel Comics) vs. Ganondorf (Ocarina of Time)

    Story: Ganondorf stood around the Asgardian altar. He planned to summon the deity of tricksters, Loki, to his domain. He smirked, perhaps with his dark magic, he could sap the god's powers and boost his own power. Maybe he didn't need the full Triforce after all. As he finished the ritual, a...
  16. Huesito88

    Loki (Marvel Comics) vs Luke Skywalker

    To the death both rounds Round 1 Legends Eu Luke vs God of Stories Loki Speed equalized Round 2 Fate of the Jedi (EU) Luke vs God OF Stories Loki Speed unequalized
  17. Graf_Thorsdottir

    Loki (Marvel) vs Madara Uchiha

    God of Stories Loki vs Six Paths Sage Madara Both are bloodlusted. Victory by death. Both have prior knowledge and will use everything in their arsenal and tricks to win. Fitting, don't you think? R1: Speed equalized R2: Speed unequal Who wins?
  18. RadicalMrR

    Loki Vs Yhwach

    Loki is composite Location:Soul Society appears in Asgard (Don't ask how) Round 1)Speed equalized Round 2)Speed unequalized Which ever round is a closer fight takes precident I'm not sure if this is a stomp or not so please say if I should equalize Ywach's Durability to his AP or do some...
  19. Possible Loki Upgrade

    A dead planet is one where the core no longer emits heat. I guessed the feat where Loki murdered the Earth was multi-continent level but I found that the Earth's core generates 10 31 joules of energy which is Small Planet level.
  20. Deadpool_time

    Zod vs Loki

    . Both are power seeking villians who will do anything rule Who wins and why
  21. Loki's Magical Prowess? (Try 2)

    After the many retcons of Loki in the past three years I think his profile needs to be desperately updated. I know Marvel characters are tricky to rate however Loki has several feats of his own that either don't involve powerscaling from other marvel characters and if they do, they don't overly...