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levy mcgarden

  1. DemonGodMitchAubin

    Fairy Tail: Mass Change Scaling CRT (9/19/2022)

    Here we are again, this topic that's been recyled more than KingTempest's sanity. I'm gonna stop avoiding the easy solution and just go through with it. We're gonna go over some scaling that needs to be fixed. Natsu should get another X791 key that covers his feats during the Mard Geer Fight...
  2. Eseseso

    X793 Levy revision

    So in chapter 116, Gajeel in Levy's body one-shot Sai with no difficulty. Now we know from Sai's fight with Gray that it was Levy's power, not Gajeel's, so Levy scales. The only question is whether to scale her to Sai fully (8.87 petatons) or to backscale to baseline High 6-A (4.435 petatons)...
  3. Siegfried10

    Fairy Tail Downgrade

    Is this a joke or what?
  4. The_real_cal_howard

    Levy McGarden vs Schoolhouse Rock! (And also legs somehow)

    Disclaimer: This is just fun and games. How does her script magic help against the ultimate users of words?! Will Levy be able to keep up with the singing and reality warping of words?! Find out if you answer on this thread! So, um... apparently this is a legs thread now...
  5. Czuczian11

    Levy McGarden

    As of chapter 221 (http://********.me/manga/fairy_tail/v25/c211/6.html) Levy has shown speed more or less equal to Kawazu , who was (Speed wise) comparable to Gajeel who was Supersonic+ at given time. Same applies to her durability (as both she and Gajeel were damaged by attack shown on the...