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leo aiolia

  1. Hiryu-Z

    SoL-only seems to be too slow for Gold Saints

    Currently the Gold Saints and other 7th Sense Users have a rated speed of Speed of Light I suggest that we upgrade them to at least FTL, based on a recently-awakened 7th Sense Seiya with a broken leg being able to intercept Aiolia's Lightning Plasma (which is obviously SOL) with his Pegasus...
  2. FanSyst

    Saint Seiya possible upgrade

    I think the five bronze knights, Aiolia and Shura should receive Void Manipulation and resistance to Void Manipulation. I think a Seiya variant could also be added with Amaterasu's cloth, which can reflect Zeus's attacks. The Absolute Nothingness was what was left once the underworld collapsed...
  3. Saintdhqhdy

    How many times faster than light do you have to be to be considered massively ftl?

    I'm really asking this question because of these scans. 1603644333802813037636302348 9586.jpg16036443719884562360986465418492.jpg 16036443719884562360986465418492.jpg As you can see bronze cloth seiya is dodging 100 million lightspeed punches with broken legs so can someone tell me if the...
  4. SupremeGilgamesh

    Speed Blitz

    I want to ask when was and why speed blitz conceived because i can't see the point of it If we equalize speed,doens't that make ranking speed irrelevant? Because think with me:why justify JoJo and SS characters can overwhelm the speed of light and make so it's irrelevant in a thread...
  5. FanSyst

    Leo Aiolia Upgrade?

    Hi everyone The Encyclopedia of Episode G mentions that the "photon burst" is equivalent to the Big Bang, so it should be universe lvl. https://i.ibb.co/wN12tXX/r061.jpg In EGA Aiolia destroys all the underworld, reducing it to absolute nothingness. https://i.ibb.co/mDKSh3M/006-007.jpg...
  6. Nkonjo

    One Thousand wars - Aiolia vs Shura

    Leo no AIolia VS Capricorn no Shura so yea I was trying to rank the gold saints for flike the 10th time ( I really have to much spare time), and I couldn't come to a conclusion when it came to these 2 mainly because they are given varying amounts of power or strength depending on the spin off...
  7. Dragonmasterxyz

    About Saint Seiya Gold Saints

    So I've recently played SS: Soldiers Soul as my technical start up for getting into the series. And one thing I noticed was that the Gold Saints lack a God Cloth in their files.. So I was wondering if those God Cloths are canon or not.
  8. Leo Airoria vs Leo Regulus

    1.-Beggining of Manga Regulus vs Base Airoria 2.-Gold God Cloth Airoria vs Fight with Radamanthys Regulus 3.- Gold God Cloth Airoria (Photon Burst) vs 2-C Regulus Airoria has Photon Burst on every round.
  9. TakatoBlue

    Royal Knights (Digimon) VS Gold Saints (Saint Seiya)

    All the 13 Royal Knights Vs The 12 Classic Gold Saints + Aries Shion. Round 1: Base forms. Round 2: X-Antibody RK's Vs Divine Armor GS's. Round 3: Dukemon CM, Alphamon Ouryuuken, Ulforceveedramon FM, and the others with X-Antibody VS D.A. Gold Saints. Royal Knights from Digimon! Gold Saints