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  1. KobsterHope07

    Some Rando AGK Revision

    So I woke up today and chose violence. Been working on this ever since I read through the manga (and again to complete this) so I decided to post it now and get it over with. Basically, this thread will focus on the implementation of new calcs along with discussing scaling of the verse. This is...
  2. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    What do you say sister? Want to have a proper death match?

    vs Low 7-B versions Kurome: Akame: tie: FIGHT!!!!!
  3. Paladinporter

    Younger siblings: Demon Swords

    Inuyasha vs Kurome (Kurome being High 7-C and Inuyasha Low 7-B, they are very close.) Kurome can use Henter and Doya to her advantage. Win by any mean neccessary. Speed Equalized.
  4. Vermillion_King_Of_Mischief

    Usagi (Juuni Taisen) vs Kurome (Akame ga kill)

    First time trying this so. Who would Win in an all out fight between the two necromancers? So of course your reasoning as to why one would win over the other.
  5. Litentric_Teon

    Flames of Revival (Kurome vs Kwon Shi-Yun)

    Battle takes place in a forest area, within an ID. Starting distance is 30 meters. Low 7-C forms. Speed equalized. Who wins! Kwon Shi-Yu: 2 (Risci-viragosi, Velox1r0kore) Kurome: 1 (Gargoyle One)
  6. LordGinSama

    Second best Agk girl fights Eminem

    Kurome and Eminem are are low 7-c Winner via any means necessary Speed is equalized Standard Battle Assumptions Kurome: 0 Enel: 1 ( Versus. ) Inconclusive : 0
  7. Graf_Thorsdottir

    Kurome gets revenge for her husbando

    So after hearing that a certain moss head defeated her husbando Wave, Kurome decides to face the swordsman herself. also because we need to use characters not named Tatsumi, Akame or Esdeath more ofte Kurome has her original team of zombies. This is the same Zoro that fought Akame and Wave...
  8. Celestial_Pegasus

    Kurome vs Shia Haulia

    This is Shia before evolving with sublimation magic. Both are in character Speed is equalized Who wins? Kurome: Shia Haulia: Inconclusive:
  9. LordKill90908

    Kurome vs Nico di Angelo

    Speed equalized. Both bloodlusted.
  10. AidenBrooks999

    Reinhardt vs Kurome (Speed Equalized)

    Victory Conditions: Killing the Opponent State of mind: In character Knowledge of the other character/verse: The fighters will have absolutely no prior knowledge of each other. Preparation time: None. Equipment: Standard equipment. Time: 12 am Location: (Not original idea, but someplace...
  11. LordKill90908

    Kurome vs Weiss Schnee

    Battle of the summoners of their fallen foes. Kurome gets Desta Ghoul, Weiss can summon giant arm.
  12. WeeklyBattles

    Kurome vs Juliet Starling

    One uses zombies as a weapon, the other kills them. In character, speed equalized, no prior knowledge or prep time, Kurome has the Desta Ghoul, victory by KO, death, or incap. Who wins?
  13. Drellix

    Kurome's speed

    I think it should be added that she is faster then Akame when doped up with the enhancement drug.