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komaru naegi

  1. Random-Helper323

    She-Hulk (MCU) vs Komaru Naegi (Danganronpa)

    9-A versions used. She-Hulk has prior knowledge of Komaru and is bloodlusted. Komaru is in character, does not have her hacking gun and has no prior knowledge of She-Hulk. Speed equalized. Fight takes place in a large open area and starts 50 metres apart. She-Hulk scales above 0.0163655...
  2. Js250476

    Danganronpa Discussion Thread

    Wasn’t sure if this already existed and if so I apologize. And I know Danganronpa will likely not see new content for a while but even so if you wanna talk about anything regarding the franchise I felt this would be a fun thing to have.
  3. FantaRin_The_First

    Danganronpa Ultimate Revision (Massive Upgrades)

    Hey, hey, fanta here to do a CRT for Dang-It Grandpa (Hope's Peak Trilogy) due to the wonderful efforts of @SpicyyyRamen, who has created a number of user blogs that focus on calculating various interesting feats that they found in the Hope's Peak Trilogy and its numerous spin-offs - Dangan...
  4. StrymULTRA

    Danganronpa Tier 9s upgrade

    So, we got this feat of Komaru and Toko casually tank an explosion which completely destroys the room and makes the upper part of the tower collapse. Every 9-B which isn't from V3 should be upgraded to 9-A due of this feat, which is accepted at 0.0297 Tons, for kinda the same reason why Makoto...
  5. Jinsye

    Danganronpa: God Tier Upgrades

    Alright, just found this out. I'll post it here then. High 8-C Danganronpa is a possibility. The Feat Both Komaru Naegi and Toko Fukawa fought the Big Bang Monokuma, as stated it completely dwarfs buildings in height. Komaru can knock back projectiles of the bear. Genocider can parry hits...
  6. Notadeadguy

    Komaru Naegi and Toko Fukawa vs Robots

    I don't know who Komaru and Toko should fights so give out some recommendations