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kihara yuiitsu

  1. Churronzon

    [Toaru] Exponential Kihara growth 📈

    Kihara Yuiitsu should have Social Influencing (Planned to turn the planet into Kiharas by changing their thought patterns, which would then allow them to escape the confines of Aleister's Archetype Controller) Edited version: Social Influencing (Planned to turn all of mankind into Kiharas by...
  2. Churronzon

    Toaru revisions, Omnibus edition

    Sandbox (WIP) Coronzon Moonlight Absorption (Shown here) Magick: Flaming_Sword "higher" attack speed Continuing from this CRT, Flaming sword should have a speed rating of "higher". [See this comment for more reasons.] Small intelligence addition Coronzon has gathered great knowledge in the...
  3. Churronzon

    Random Toaru CRT

    Proposition 1: Fiamma should have "can project a powerful killing intent" on his profile, like Gabriel does. Reasoning: -OT21 Since I think either both or neither of them should have this ability, here's Gabriel's quote for comparison: -OT21 Edit: It seems there was another quote regarding...
  4. DontTalkDT

    Kihara battle! Yuiitsu vs Kagun

    Kihara Yuiitsu vs Kihara Kagu After reading of the antagonism between the two in the Kagun SS, I thought this match would be a good idea. In-verse matches can be fun once in a while, right? This is Yuiitsu without WR Battle takes place in Academy City District 12
  5. DexWald

    Monika vs Yuiitsu

    Rules: -CIS/PIS off -In Character -Win by any means -Yuiitsu at her strongest ( instead her own AAA, she possess Noukan's AAA) -Yuiitsu knows perfectly how to use WR -Speed equalized Round 1:No Knowledge Round 2:Full Knowledge
  6. DexWald

    Kihara Yuiitsu vs Funny Valentine

    -Kihara at her strongest (including possession WR) Round 1:No Knowledge Round 2:Full Knowledge Scenario 1:Valentine doesn't possess Love Train Scenario 2:Valentine possess Love Train
  7. DexWald

    Kumagawa Misogi vs Kihara Yuiitsu

    Kumagawa Misogi vs Kihara Yuiitsu -Kumagawa possess All-fiction and Bookmaker. -Yuiitsu at her strongest (including possession of WR). Round 1:No Knowledge Round 2:Full Knowledge