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kevin 11,000

  1. Bowser-us

    Kevin fights with himself

    Omniverse Kevin 11 vs Ultimate Kevin
  2. Sans2345

    Kevin 11,000 vs Giga Bowser

    V.S Both low 2-C Speed is equel Battle takes place at final destnation Round 1: Base Kevin 11,000 Vs Normal Bowser Round 2: Mutated Kevin 11,000 Vs Giga Bowser Giaa Bowser: 0 () Kevin 11,000: 0 ()
  3. Arrogant_Schmuck

    Sephiroth vs Kevin 11,000

    Time to find out who's the strongest High 5-A with speed equalized This has already been tried before but it was a while ago and never concluded Bizarro Sephiroth vs Kevin 11,000
  4. Sans2345

    SCP-682 Vs Kevin 11000

    Both 5-A Both Bloodlusted Speed Equel Dwarf Star Level Kevin 11000 Vs Large Planet Level 682 V.S SCP-682:2 (GargoyleOne) (Eficiente) Kevin 11000:2 (ABoggieYesSir) (Newendigo) Inconclusive:0
  5. VersusJunkie54

    Robloxian vs Kevin 11,000

    Two very haxed bois battle it out. Both are in charatcer. High 5-A forms. Kevin is mutated. Robloxian has all gear. Speed equal. Who wins and why? Kevin:0 Lego Boi:0 Inconclusive:0
  6. Schnee_One

    Sephiroth vs Kevin 11,000

    Heard some debating about strongest High 5A...Let's put that to the test. Speed is Equal, both High 5A. Kevin 11,000: 1 Sephiroth (Final Fantasy): 1
  7. Liger686

    Kevin 11,000 vs Frieza

    Speed is equalized. Kevin 11,000 doesn't have Alien X's abilities. Victory via death of the opponent. Kevin 11,000: 0 Frieza: 0