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kōsuke ueki

  1. koopa3144

    Koopa's second Stat Equalization Tournament: Round 1 Kōsuke Ueki vs Noriaki Kakyoin (0-2-0)

    Welcome to round one of Koopa's second Stat Equalization Tournament! All stats except Intelligence and range are equalized. Fight takes place in Metallic Madness Distance is 20 meters SBA for anything else Kōsuke Ueki: 0 Noriaki Kakyoin: 2 Incon: 0
  2. Kazuma_kuwabara

    Is this Instinctive action? Minor CTR for Law of Ueki

    Kosuke Ueki was able to sleep while still carrying a heavy rock on his back. Would this count as Instinctive Action as he is lifting something without the mind thinking? Or what power would be?
  3. Kazuma_kuwabara

    Kosuke Ueki vs Yoh Asakura

    Both are shonen protagonist of the past and their mangas finished in 2004 but who would win in a battle? Both High 7-A Speed equalized
  4. Kazuma_kuwabara

    Kousuke Ueki Vs All Might NOT DEKU VS NOT KOBAYASHI

    To commemorate Ueki´s new tier for his recent calculation i will put him againts my second favourite anime teacher Both at High 7-A so Ueki doesn´t have seiku nor maoh Speed Equalized The Embodiment of PATRIOTISM!!! The Embodiment of RECYCLING!!! Ueki: 2 All might: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  5. Kagemaru_Kurosuke

    Rex Salazar vs Kousuke Ueki

    No Meta Nanite. No Maoh. Who takes this?
  6. Quazell88

    Kousuke ueki vs deku

    1 hour prep Location: new York city Round one no scared weapons Round2 all out

    Is Kousuke Ueki really mountain level?

    I looked at the feat that's listed on his page that states he pulverized a mountain, and that didn't look like a mountain but instead looks like a small-medium sized hill, you can see how large the trees are compared to it on multiple scans Any thoughts on this?
  8. Kagemaru_Kurosuke

    Kousuke Ueki vs Monkey D Luffy

    Insulator on Insulator Who comes out on top?
  9. Cropfist

    Asgore Dreemurr vs Kousuke Ueki

    Who would win and why?
  10. Kagemaru_Kurosuke

    Kosuke Ueki vs The Hunter X Hunter verse.

    How far does he go?
  11. Kagemaru_Kurosuke

    Kousuke Ueki vs The Fairy Tail verse

    Has all feats from both LoU and LoU+. Has all six shots of Maoh. How far does he go?
  12. Kagemaru_Kurosuke

    Hashirama Senju vs Kousuke Ueki

    Hashirama has all of his powers of course and is not Edo Tensei. Ueki is fully blood lusted and has all 6 shots of Maoh Who wins?