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jeff the killer (insanity)

  1. Kirbysakurai

    Creepypasta slasher vs Roblox slasher (Jeff the Killer vs Piggy)

    Welp, Piggy is 9-C now so I can make this. Anyway, here's a setup for fun: A man runs out of a house, his breathing sounding panicked and heavy. A humanoid pig slowly trailed behind him, wielding a blood-covered bat that they lightly tapped against their hands. He turned a corner and a young...
  2. Ahmed_berserker


    Jeff vs Garfield Last time garfield defeated Jeff From the jeff the killer saga and now time for the insanity version jeff to take his revenge
  3. HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    (Completed) Jeff vs Jeff: Horror vs Edgy

    Jeff the Killer (The Creepypasta Collection) vs Jeff the Killer (Insanity) Rules Both are unarmed (so range is equaled out). Both start on opposite sides of Wayne Manor at night. TCC knows about Insanity's skill in hand to hand (so Insanity doesn't just out skill, though perhaps TCC's LS...
  4. HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    Jeff vs Joker: Emo vs Epic Gamer

    Jeff the Killer (Insanity) vs The Joker (Arthur Fleck) Rules Both are 9-C and are limited to knives Speed is Equal Both start on the opposite sides of Crystal Lake (at night time) Jeff: 5 Joker:
  5. HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    (6-0) Mark vs Jeff (Saw vs Insanity)

    Right now your feeling helpless [...] ~ Mark Hoffma Shhh [...] just go to sleep! ~ Jeff the Killer Killer vs Killer Setup Mark gritted his teeth as he watched the skinny teenager enter the the urban house. He hates people like this. This little punk deserved to die...
  6. Christian_Higdon

    Jeff vs Springtrap

    Speed Equalized. Both are 9-C and bloodlusted. Battle is in Fazbear's Fright. I hope this isn't a stomp. Who wins? Springles: 1 Killer: 0 Tie: 0
  7. Christian_Higdon

    The Cat vs Jeff

    Story time! The Cat walked down the neighborhood, ready to go to the next set of kids to entertain. It was dark out, on Halloween, and he still felt joyous. But then, the door opened. He saw blood all over and looked around the house. This wasn't a normal place. Walking in further, he saw the...
  8. HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    Jeff the Killer vs Jeff the Killer (Two Books)

    Stalker Rabid Jeff vs Someone's Emo Waifu Jeff Rules Both are 9-C Both have their knives Fight takes place in an asylum Results Decently scary: Some fangirl's thought of how a killer should be: 1 NOBODY WINS THEY BOTH SUCK!!(jk): 1