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jack baker

  1. ThePrimalHunter

    Jack Baker fights a Wendigo

    Jack Baker (Resident Evil) vs Wendigo (Until Dawn) Base Jack Baker is used Fight takes place in the mines of Blackwood Mountain Speed is Equal Who Wins? Brainwashed into a Crazy Psycho: 4 Possesed into a Cannibalistic Psycho: 0 Incon: 0
  2. Wurm

    Resident Evil Biohazard and Village Revisions

    Our Profiles For Resident Evil Biohazard and Village (specifically) are an absolute mess. Ethan Winter's Page Is Outdated. We've discussed revisions and additions here and here. It's been months, and nothing's been added despite numerous changes and upgrades being agreed on. And he's long...
  3. Jackythejack

    Jack Baker vs. Bendy

    Soooo let's see how well this goes. Speed is equalized and Bendy's access to the ink machine is restricted. He only has enough ink to regenerate a two or three times. Jack Baker Bendy
  4. PaChi2

    Albert Wesker vs Resident Evil 7

    Albert Wesker vs Eveline (Resident Evil 7), Ethan Winters, Jack Baker Rules: 1) Wesker's second key vs All the keys in the three profiles 1v1. 2) Speed unequal and Wesker is serious about killing them (no God complex and stuff) 3) If his second key can't beat any form, use the third key...
  5. Schnee_One

    Jack Baker Regen upgrade

    So Weekly ended up pointing this out to me. Jack Baker's Regenerationn is listed as Mid High for regenerating from being burned alive. That said, there's another great regen feat. https://youtu.be/siTvYNocY7w?t=289 This is called calcification, where all the cells in your body are...
  6. Numbersguy

    Old school vs New school: Nemesis vs Jack Baker

    Wanted to tuse the RE2 Tyrant, but they guy doesn't have good regen... Nemesis (Resident Evil) Jack Baker -Nemesis carries the rocket launcher, can mutate too of course -Jack Baker carries a shovel, can mutate too of course -They fight in a cabin near the woods, face to face -No...
  7. PaChi2

    Speed unequalized match: Jack Baker vs Hawkeye (MCU)!

    Underused characters!!!! Jack Baker vs Hawkeye (Marvel Cinematic Universe) Human Jack starts with an axe and Hawkeye has access to all his arrows but there is a limit to how many he can carry (no more infinite supply like in the avengers). SBA. Speed is not equalized (witchcraft!!!) Jack can...
  8. The_Wright_Way

    Jack Baker vs. Jason Voorhees - REMASTERED

    Both at 9-B. Speed Equalized. vs.

    Relentless Killers - Jack Baker vs Chris Walker

    Killers who just won't let you go "Little Pig!" vs "Welcome to the family, son" Jack has access to his Shovel, Axe, Spiked Roller and Chainsaw Shears Jack is in BASE FORM, he cannot access his Transformed State Jack only has to get knocked out once in order to lose Location: Mixture of the...

    Unstoppable Killers - Jack Baker vs Jason Voorhees

    Serial killers who just won't stay dead The Crystal Lake Slasher vs The Mold Madma Canon Composite Jason vs Jack Baker Jason has access to every weapons he has every used (Machete, Ax, Bow, Speargun, etc) Jack starts off in Base with his Shovel, Axe, Spiked Roller, and Chainsaw Shears on his...
  11. WeeklyBattles

    Jack Baker vs Miles Upshur

    Welcome to the family, son! Summary Jack Baker is one of the major antagonists in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. The patriarch of the Baker family, he was the husband of Marguerite Baker, father to Zoe and Lucas Baker, and adoptive father of Eveline. He was the first of his family to be...