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  1. jojo123

    Hatchiyack (dragon ball) vs kyoya (beyblade)

    Rules: At least 3-B version Hatchiyack, is used. 4-A version kyoya is used. Super Hatchiyack is used. Metal fusion kyoya is used. Battle takes place in the neutral location. They have prior knowledge. hatchiyack will only attack leone himself, not kyoya Votes kyoya: (perfil link...
  2. Oliver_de_jesus

    Could anyone calculate this feat of Hatchiyack?

    the theme originated in Hilo vs but hey that's not important, could any member calculate the feat of Hatchiyack Warped and unstabilized large portions of the Northern Galaxy upon his birth?(feat) just to know an exact value
  3. JJSliderman

    Murderous supercomputer from Dragon Ball fights a Murderous supercomputer from Kirby

    A matchup so thematic that it needs to be done. Ghost Warrior Dr. Lychee finds the inactive Star Dream and brings it to Hatchiyack. They start messing around with it until the machine activates and starts trying to kill them. Lychee goes and hides somewhere while Hatchiyack prepares to...
  4. AwkguyDB

    Possible Eradicate The Saiyans Additions and possible Goku Toei Upgrade?

    This is mainly for Hatchiyack but I have a question about two things Goku did. Hatchiyack Additions Hatchiyack should have: • Healing [[2 ]](@ 0:13) (Able to heal from the damage taken from the combined might of the Z fighters) (Not Accepted; Hatchiyack transformed before the blast went...
  5. KingEzran

    0-0-0 Hatchiyack vs Dr. Lychee

    For this versus thread, Hatchiyack gets to use both forms and Dr. Lychee gets to use his necromancy. Let's get into the details. -Speed Equalized -Both in Character -Location: Open field -Range: 2.5 meters -Win via death Votes: Hatchiyack: 0 Dr. Lychee: 0
  6. Chronoaiswaifu

    Bojack vs hatchiyak (grace)

    Base form for hatchiyack, bojack starts in base but is allowed to transform, speed equal and takes place on earth bojack: Hatchiyack: 7 Patchy the space pirate Truffle
  7. Mr_John_West

    Hatchiyack and Broly should be upgraded to at least Galaxy level

    Wrtiers came out and said Broly cand destroy galaxies, and Hatchiyack warped space including galaxies just by being born. The Birth of Hatchiyack 0:20 and over, he warps space including galaxies. People say Broly did it over time which is false since it was confirmed that RSSJ Broly...
  8. Missy0124

    Baby vs Hatchiyack

    4-A before someone uses this argument to close my thread again and try to ban for making stomps that arent really stomps Hatchiyack is below SS2 Cell Saga Gohan while Baby was above SS3 Buu Saga Goku since as an infant, this is stomp. no it wouldt be a stomp because a it says on hatchiyack...
  9. Missy0124

    Hatchiyack vs Baby (Dragon Ball GT)

    Hatchiyack Baby (Dragon Ball GT) Tuffle Battle 4-A speed equal
  10. Daarius.ivey

    black adam vs Hatchciyak

    Speed equalized.