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goblinoid (dungeons and dragons)

  1. Tllmbrg

    Goblinoid (D&D) CRT

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User:Tllmbrg/SandboxGoblinoids I split the current page into 4 different ones, with all the Keys for each creature
  2. GoblinFist

    Composite Walrus vs Goblin (DnD)

    this is a serious battle guys, two behemoths duke it out to see who is the real macho man. speed is equalised and there is no prep time. the goblin can have basic weaponry and lets say they are in an arena so there is no escape from the flippers of hell. My money is on the walrus due to its...
  3. QuasiYuri

    What tier would be Maglubiyet (Dungeon and Dragons)?

    He's basically the goblin god, and for what I saw on the gods' profile and verse page the gods all seems to be in the tier 2. So I was wondering: what his tier would be ?
  4. Antoniofer

    RPG Fodders: Worghest VS. Type-005

    Too much Goblin Slayer stuff in a day, so joining the spam: Worghest vs Type-005b, fight takes place in a typical renaissance square. Goblin - 2 (Bambu, Grey) Zombie - Incon -
  5. Graf_Thorsdottir

    Worghest (D&D) vs Dora-med III (Doraemon)

    Rules Speed: Equal Place: An empty office. Starting distance 20 meters Mind set: In-character. Knowledge: None Victory: Death or KO Dora-med III: A bit stronger than 2.07 megajoules, can also amp himself by growing bigger. He is allowed everything except gadgets from his Oil Lamp...
  6. Mr. Bambu

    Clown vs Clown's Boss

    Suggested by my boye Phoenix. Nilbog vs The Auditor. Let's see this Nilbog smurf spam begin. let's see this stuff go dow This might be a stomp, unsure. For SBA, we will assume there are other goblins about to keep Nilbog at his strongest. Let's say a thirty. Starting range is 20 meters...
  7. Agnaa

    A Doll vs A Hobgoblin

    Goblinoid's 9-A (Hobgoblin Leader), speed equal (unless that seems unnecessary) Yotsugi Ononoki: Hobgoblin Leader: 8 (Mr. Bambu, DarkDragonMedeus, Phoenix821, Theglassman12, First Witch, Antoniofer, Crimson Azoth, Starter Pack) Inconclusive:
  8. Mr. Bambu

    The Goblin Slayer Slays a Goblin

    I made the new Goblin page just for this matchup tbh. Though I thought it'd be with a Hobgoblin and not, in fact, this new weird goblin I found from Dragon Magazine. A worghest gets discovered by the not-doomguy ripoff and the two fight to the death. Who wins and why? Starting range will be...