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gemini saga

  1. noninho

    Can Saga Beat a LEGO?

    KOTZ/Saint seiya's profiles are kinda trash and will be revised. Until then, shall we make a test? = speed Both at Low 2-C Dormammu Saga: Incon:
  2. noninho

    The Gemini Saint x The Hermit E-Girl

    = speed Both at Universal+ (Low 2-C) Optional equipment are restricted Saga: Futaba: Incon:
  3. StekFence

    Saga fights another Pegasus

    Shogun Steel Gingka Hagane: 8th Sense Gemini Saga: Rules:Speed equal, Victory by any means possible, Sba otherwise. Let me know if I should change anything.
  4. StekFence

    Gemini saga match ideas pls

    I some proposals of chars to fight Him who’s holding This. Ye. dont throw a tier 1 at me pls
  5. Three Gold Saints VS Alduin

    Alduin VS Virgo Shaka, Gemini Saga and Sagittarius Aiolos equalized speed if necessary, all bloodlusted
  6. Seventy96

    Question about Saint Seiya

    I currently watching old Saint Seiya anime, and there is something that I don't understand: when bronze saints awaken 7 sense they can fight almost equal with golden saints.. So, what is the difference between bronze and golden armor, if only cosmo is important in fight? If golden armor >>>>>>...
  7. Seventy96

    Gemini Saga vs Dark Schneider

    Both 3-B (strongest version of Saga) Saga Schneider Speed equalized In character
  8. PaChi2

    Gemini Saga vs MaloMyotismon

    Anyway, both 3-C (8th sense Saga), Galaxian explosion forbidden. Speed equalized and SBA. Gemini Saga vs Myotismo They fight in the palace of the twins. who wins?
  9. LotusKLM

    New skill for the golden knights

    I will not translate everything this time, but I will summarize what happens on the scans, basically, the high cosmo riders can be immune to the time stop. In the scans below, yohma invades the sanctuary and freezes the time of all alis, but for what yohma says, simply because the cosmos of...
  10. Nelsolino

    Gemini Saga (Saint Seiya; with the Gold Dagger) vs Wonder Woman (DC Extended Universe)

    An amazon has a fight against a knight. Armors and weapons are alowed. The Gold Dagger is allowed because Saga used it in the past.
  11. SchroKatze

    Golden Lion vs Golden Twins

    Yeah, I know that Saga is LEAGUES above Rein's AP/DC, but Rein is extremely haxxed, and can compensate the Speedblitz with NF. >Battle takes place on Gemini Temple. >Reinhard starts with NF, no Legion for him, but he can use Gladsheimr and their Beri'ahs. 5-B Reinhard. >8th sense saga. >Both...
  12. The_real_cal_howard

    Myotismon vs Gemini Saga

    Cal cackles evilly Speed equal.
  13. DodoNova2

    Sailor Venus Vs Gemini Saga

    Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Toon Force, Past Life Awareness, Reincarnatio (can also be revitalised if killed), Transformation (can also reverse spells with the henshi)/Shapeshifting (can become anyone with the compact), Energy blasts, Negative energy Purification...
  14. Lokiofasgard55

    Gemini Saga vs Hyperion (Saint Seiya Omega)

    Can Saga beat Hyperion?
  15. Mario23429

    Mario vs Gemini Saga

    Round 1.-Mario (Galaxy) vs Base Saga Round 2.-Mario (Galaxy) vs 8th Sense Saga Both have Galaxian explotion, speed unequalized. let's a go!