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  1. InterFIGHTER123

    Fulgrim(WH40K) VS Kiara sessyoin(FATE) PART 2.. or.. Round 2 ?

    Sex Goddess vs Prince of Pleasure I wanted to do this versus again because I think that in the previous versus at the end they said that fulgrin was outdated or data was missing, even worse he still had an advantage (or something like that hehe) .. and that I also have doubts about the power of...
  2. Sergeant_Hypocrite

    The 18 Primarchs fight each other

    The Primarchs are, and have any equipment being 4-B, but nothing higher R1: Just the Primarchs in a battle royale. Who wins? R2: The Primarchs + their Legions in an army battle to the end. Which legion and primarch wins? Lion El'Jonson and The Dark Angels: Fulgrim and The Emperor's Children...
  3. Konaguna

    Daemon Primarch Ap in d Warp?

    I was thinkin about this, and I think that Mortario, Fulgrim, and Angro shouldn't really be Low Multiversal, but not entirely sure. I do know that the reality snapping feat was done by an untrained Magnus, but Magnus is also like the only Primarch who's a talented Psyker, putting him leagues...
  4. Sir_Ovens

    Kiara Sessyoin vs Fulgrim

    Why was this not made sooner? Sex Goddess vs Prince of Pleasure Fate/Grand Order Kiara and Daemon Prince Fulgrim. Speed equalized. Win via SBA. Who wins and why?