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  1. LordGriffin1000

    Freakshow vs Thanos (MCU)

    My Danny Phantom vs Thanos match seemed to be a bit of a stomp so I decided to do one that I think is better and that is... The Reality Gauntlet vs The Infinity Gauntlet, otherwise known a Freakshow vs Thanos. Rules Both are in character, Speed is equalized, 6-C Freakshow and he starts in...
  2. LordGriffin1000

    Ghost Freakshow vs Lord Beerus

    Ghost obsessed criminal vs Food obsessed cat RULES Speed Equalized Both Bloodlusted VOTES Freakshow: Beerus: Inconclusive:
  3. LordGriffin1000

    About The Reality Gauntlet and Freakshow (Again)

    Ok I'm back with this again and I can't figure it out, I definitely need input. So I created a thread to upgrade the The Reality Gauntlet and Freakshow because he seemingly removed the sun. However I later created another thread to downgrade it because I thought he could have just made a night...
  4. LordGriffin1000

    Death Manipulation/Resurrection for the Reality Gauntlet?

    Using the power of the Reality Gauntlet, Freakshow turned himself into a ghost, effectively giving himself their standard powers. However this would also mean he killed himself as he stated "He's all ghost" which means he's dead. So would that give him Death Manipulation as he basically killed...
  5. LordGriffin1000

    Reality Gauntlet Downgrade...

    As much as I don't want it to happen, It has to be done. I created a thread to upgrade the The Reality Gauntlet to 4-C because I assumed Freakshow got rid of it. However it only shows him wave his hand across the sky and as his hand passes, a veil of night covers the sky. It doesn't actually...
  6. LordGriffin1000

    Possibly Massive Freakshow Upgrade to 4-C or 5-A?

    In the episode of Danny Phantom known as "Reality Trip", Freakshow uses the Reality Gauntlet to get rid of the sun with a hand wave. Here's the episode http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5ws4dl the feat happens at 32:40 This only scales to Freakshow and no one else since he used the Reality...